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▐"I'm hopeful for a miracle," she says. "I'm hopeful that someway, somehow that we'll be able to [continue] as a congregation."☀C0603X470F3HAC7867↩Twitter earlier responded to a request for comment about why the label was applied and whether it would be removed or changed with an auto-generated email bearing a poop emoji.£PF0☎"It hits both those unemployed people and underemployed people. Because often for people to be able to document the sufficient hours of work, it means that they have to have a job of several hours," Vollinger said. "And for some of the lower wage jobs, or a second job that people get, their work schedules can be pretty unpredictable. And sometimes they lack work hours as businesses cut back."ぃCWR11MC335JB\TR▒The U.S. views the Chinese explanation of the balloon's purpose with "a fair amount of skepticism," and it is still trying to figure out what China's intent was.⇔

✌Atiq Ahmad, 60, was jailed in 2019 after he was convicted of kidnapping a lawyer, Umesh Pal, who had testified against him as as a witness in the killing of a lawmaker in 2005. In February, Pal was also killed.↿1808Y0100820FCT➸On Friday evening, yet another balloon was apparently sighted, this one further south, in Latin America.☢


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2225J0100183GCT⇚Crack down on undocumented migrants (S.B. 1718)✂VJ0603A270KXCAP☻The ongoing violence has affected operations at the main international airport, destroying civilian planes and damaging at least one runway, and thick, black smoke rose above it. Other airports also have been knocked out of operation.✑


⇜Indonesia's host status for the tournament was cast into doubt last Sunday when FIFA postponed the draw.☂M39003/01-5546♦Kia also responded to the notion of a recall, saying that "because there is no defect in the security features in any of these vehicles and because these specific models comply fully with all applicable federal standards, a recall is neither appropriate nor necessary under federal law."♬BAT54CW-7⊙Emile explains how all of this affected, and still is affecting, our strategic position in the region.のC0805C821MDRACTU✆In recent weeks, Chief Justice John Roberts declined an April 20th invitation from Durbin to appear before the panel or send another justice in his place. Last week, the Judiciary panel held a hearing on Supreme Court ethics.░

♥Ford removed AM from the 2023 Mustang Mach-e and F-150 Lightning electric pickups after data collected from vehicles showed that less than 5% of customers listened to it, spokesman Alan Hall said. Electrical interference and reducing cost and manufacturing complexity also played a role.ⓥCHV1210N250472JCT⇉"We will disarm Serbia," Vucic promised, saying the government would outline the new rules later Friday.♂

Such uncertainty drives the work of Peter Spencer, a neurology professor at Oregon Health and Science University who's been studying nodding syndrome for two decades. "What is the cause? We do not know," he told Undark. "Not just 'we' in my laboratory, but nobody knows what the cause is."➹

☽PLANTE: Sources tell CBS News that Tenet will point to intelligence successes not previously made public, and try to correct what they call 'inaccuracies' about what the CIA did and did not say about weapons of mass destruction.↭


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