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C321C180G3G5TA♀Trump, who denies any wrongdoing, is expected to appear in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday for his arraignment.⊟2225J0500100KFT☣"These individuals that have spoken tonight are victims of police brutality, they are victims of crimes," public defender Ellen McDonnell said when it was her turn at the dais. "The community and our clients have been sounding the alarm about your police department for years and years and years."▲

▫China is Germany's top trading partner, and European nations have generally been more cautious than the United States in taking a hard line with Beijing. However, there are signs that may be shifting as global rivalries grow more tense.⇦


☆The Supreme Court has not yet indicated if it will take up the case.⇎LQW03AW5N4C00D◊The government declared a one-month amnesty period for citizens to surrender unregistered weapons as part of a crackdown on guns following the two shootings in two days this month that left 17 people dead, many of them children.➨1210Y0160223KFT☀Martinez, whose son Xavier Lopez was killed, comes from a family filled with law enforcement officers — including Coronado. These days, they have no communication.⇨APTM120DU15G❦Pieces of Pensinger's skeleton were uncovered on three different dates across the shoreline of Boulder Beach last summer. The county coroner said it hadn't determined the cause and manner of his death.₪

☆A continued fall in shares could endanger these smaller banks, motivating customers to withdraw their money and sparking the kind of bank run short sellers are betting on.ºC330C683K1R5CA◎Inside Westminster Abbey, aristocrats, celebrities and leaders from a variety of Britain's political parties arrived ahead of the ceremony. The congregation included singers such as Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, who will perform at a concert organized to celebrate the coronation this weekend.§


♤Fans took to social media during the broadcast to confirm their suspicions about the Auschwitz stock footage.▌150D686X9015R2T❖Opvee was developed by Opiant Pharmaceuticals, which was recently acquired by rival Indivior, maker of several medications for opioid addiction. Indivior expects to launch Opvee in October at the earliest.➸VJ0603D330MLPAP★Want more on oceans? Listen to the Consider This episode on why melting ice in Antarctica is a big problem for coastal Texas.➙C0603C120J1HACAUTO⇍The Chinese foreign ministry on Sunday called the decision to shoot down the balloon "a clear overreaction and a serious violation of international practice."☏

◦"Fixed a window, swept away some broken glass and rubble," Dudnik says. "I'm trying to fix some pipes too."↘1210Y0630221FCR♀“You can only imagine the number of people that he has impacted,” Jay said. “… It is truly humbling.”▧


♦Many analysts say that even if Russia was victorious in Bakhmut, it was unlikely to turn the tide in the war.✚NVMFS5C442NT3G▣Scientists working off the coast of Japan say they've managed to capture images of the deepest-swimming fish ever caught on camera.↸BLF7G15LS-300P,112❉Last July, Nguyen says, her credit card application was rejected by Bank of America. In September, by PNC Bank.❁2225J0160154JFR✿Ed Stone, who was the chief scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab before he retired last year, has spent over half his life dedicated to the Voyager program. He oversaw the spacecrafts churn out one discovery after another as they explored Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.▦

➙Overnight, videos on social media purported to show explosions in Syria's Deir el-Zour, a strategic province that borders Iraq and contains oil fields. Iran-backed militia groups and Syrian forces control the area, which also has seen suspected airstrikes by Israel in recent months allegedly targeting Iranian supply routes.▷1206J0160561MDR↔"The words and inaction was inexcusable, and we believe there is never a place for it," the team said. "We always strive for an environment that is inclusive and anti-racist."⊙


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