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◢Two recently rediscovered Rembrandt paintings will be up for auction at Christie's in London next month, expected together to fetch between about $6.3 million and $10 million. They have not been seen in public since they were last auctioned off at Christie's – nearly 200 years ago.◊

┲Dustin Jones contributed to this story.▨

♥And they describe the mission as a challenge, with the team fighting bad weather and technical challenges in the middle of the Atlantic.➱

➷Friday's debate was briefly halted when protesters in a chamber balcony stood and yelled obscenities at conservative lawmakers while throwing what appeared to be bloody tampons onto the floor. The Nebraska State Patrol cleared both balconies and said at least six people were arrested. As lawmakers began voting, hundreds of protesters packed into the Capitol rotunda shouted, "Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!" just outside the chamber.☠


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CWR19KB336KCHA♂The Biden administration has announced a plan to expand access to Affordable Care Act and Medicaid coverage for DACA recipients. The change would treat DACA recipients more like other groups with temporary legal status.✉CWR29FC227KAHZ⇎Yes, there have been great strides in cancer treatment. The really promising drugs that can do anything in the short term are already in late-stage clinical trials. Oncologists read. They know what's coming. Anything early-stage will not, cannot cure someone who has cancer now. I have to think one of the worst parts of an oncologist's job is to explain why a miracle cure in early development holds no promise at all for a cancer patient today.☣

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