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0603YC821MAT2A➼"Part of what the Civil Rights Movement did was to make 'racism' bad," she says — at least the appearance of racism. She says now you get this protest whenever racism is called out, "oh no, you called me a racist." Anderson says this makes it seem as if the real harm is in being called racist, rather than in actual racism.✥ZTD09N50DE6QTA⇅Sanina said that Campbell was well on his way to becoming fluent in Ukrainian, and wanted to ask for her parent's blessing for marriage in their native language.△


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VJ1206Y392MXCMR♡This year's climbing was slightly delayed after three Sherpa climbers fell into a deep crevasse on a treacherous section of the mountain in April. Rescuers have not been able to find them.❤CKR23CG102FS⇜Fitch Ratings released new analysis on Tuesday suggesting the escalating political fight over the debt limit could have an impact.↨

❉Potential for the dangerous malfunction led to the largest series of auto recalls in U.S. history, with at least 67 million Takata inflators recalled. The U.S. government says that many have not been repaired. About 100 million inflators have been recalled worldwide. The exploding air bags sent Takata Corp. of Japan into bankruptcy.☆

⇂On the surface, it's a Black southern gothic novel about a young woman learning to navigate life alone. But it's also a creepy ghost story with a sense of humor, a narrative about survival, and a strange tale of loss and grief sprinkled with sex, abuse, empathy, and a deep look at what it means to be dealt a rough hand at life from the very beginning.▧


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VLS201612CX-100M↴The structure of We Are a Haunting is inventive; the switching of viewpoints makes it feel like an extended conversation between Colly and Key. And that's essentially what it is — Colly has unanswered questions, while Key wants to share her stories with her son, hoping they will provide the young man with the answers he's desperate to get.♥VJ1206Y223MXCAP★People overusing water for agriculture and development, and human-caused climate change are the primary drivers of the decline, particularly in natural lakes, said Fangfang Yao, the study's lead author. In reservoirs, dirt and sand piled up behind dams also played a major role in declining water levels.↖


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