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☁Both Justins' — Jones and Pearson — have returned to the Tennessee statehouse. They once again represent the people in Memphis and Nashville who elected them.◢RCH106NP-7R8M♀McCarthy has repeatedly said that including work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents enrolled in federal safety net programs like food stamps is a must-have for his conference. That provision is included in a bill House Republicans passed last month that addresses raising the debt limit.◎EGP30AHE3/54♧While about a quarter of the states have restricted or banned abortions since the Supreme Court's decision, more than 25, including Colorado, have taken steps to do the opposite. Many of those states are clustered in the Northeast and on the West Coast.♩BFL4004➛"His response was something like, 'Well, this car has a push-button start, so you should be fine,'" Garcia said in an interview with NPR.↫

⇒The governor didn't go into detail about why he believes Perry should be pardoned, but he cited Perry's attorney's explanation that Perry shot Foster in self-defense.▃C0603X103J4RECAUTO▶The school said its "expectations regarding appropriate prom attire were communicated to this student and the student's family in advance of the prom. While we certainly respect a student's right to disagree, all of our students know from our school handbook that when they do not follow such expectations at school-sponsored events, they may be asked to leave."◪


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1812J1K00120KCT✑The escalating conflict in Israel and the occupied territories has played out against a backdrop of religious celebrations — Ramadan for Muslims, Passover for Jews and Easter for Christians — that has served to exacerbate hostilities and inflame existing tensions between separate communities.☂HCE471MBCCF0KR☪Other penitents walked barefoot through village streets and beat their bare backs with sharp bamboo sticks and pieces of wood. Some participants in the past opened cuts in the penitents' backs using broken glass to ensure the ritual was sufficiently bloody.█


☪Major civil rights organizations focused on census and data issues have also voiced their support for a combined question.☁2225J5000150GCT▥The same question was put to Hochul.⇍C1206X273K8JACAUTO◑This video contains profanity.↽IXTY02N120P-TRL☁The Titanic site has been designated as a maritime memorial, which makes preservation even more important. And Weirich says research on everything from its rate of deterioration to the microbial environment can be applied to other such sites worldwide.↔

♝But from certain communities, from children, from our elders and from nature, I feel optimistic that we can fix things. That we can create abundance by sharing. — Edgard Gouveia Jr.ⓥRS1D-M3/61T✑"Defense counsel, speak to your client and anybody else you need to, and remind them to please refrain, please refrain from making statements that are likely to incite violence or civil unrest," Merchan said. "Please refrain from making comments or engaging in conduct that has the potential to incite violence, create civil unrest, or jeopardize the safety or well-being of any individuals."①

➱While the results have so far not pointed to a specific cause, many researchers contend that river blindness causes nodding syndrome. Harkening back to the possible descriptions of nodding syndrome in the 1930s, Robert Colebunders, a Belgian researcher at the University of Antwerp, sees a pattern. "It's extremely the same description," he said.❏


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BZX884-B13,315█Both Moscow and Beijing have accused Washington of trying to isolate them and to hold back their development as they challenge the U.S. for regional and global leadership.☞B82432T1564K♥In the U.S., the video has been shared by right-wing influencers who have tried to use it to claim without evidence that pedophilia has run rampant.◧


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