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▄The destruction caused by the flooding hampered aid efforts, with two main roads impassable.✲


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1210Y1K00560FAT⋄The victim, David Henry Breaux, 50, was well known in the area for more than a decade as the "Compassion Guy," said the mayor and city council members in a statement. Breaux often greeted people and asked for their views on compassion.ˍ800B471JT200XT❉Success in a televised circus▱


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1825J2000123KXT▧Gonzalez had just ended a tumultuous, four-month relationship with Thompson when the shooting occurred, her family said.▣MA0603XR124K160の"That's 20 million people who don't have abortion care in the state they live in," Mansanares said, noting that wait times used to be three days. "We're not going to be able to see 20 million people in New Mexico."↫


↗"It's been a very tough three years for everybody," says LeBlanc, a nurse at UCSF Health. "I've had stress-related medical issues."◙1N5933PE3/TR12▆By last October, Louisiana had its answer: The state's top court struck down retroactivity.◎CDRH3D23NP-6R8PC△The pair then returned to the public gaze on the long balcony at the front facade of the building. Thousands of supporters that had lined the streets were permitted to draw near to the front of the palace, thronging the open area but held back by dozens of police and towering railings.▀BZG05B22-HE3-TR☌"You can be whatever you want to be. I promise you that. I told them that I wanted to be a country singer and I am standing here at the CMT Awards with the male video of the year, baby," he shouted.⇄

░After weeks of feeling terrible – nauseous and dizzy and weak – Statton had a sudden episode of heavy bleeding that sent her to the emergency room. At her OB-GYN the next day, she learned she had a type of molar pregnancy, in which some of the tissue is cancerous. Molar pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg has too many chromosomes. It does not develop into a viable fetus. It is usually a benign condition, but in about 15% of cases, like Jaci's, it is cancerous. Her doctor told her she was at risk of hemorrhage and even death, but that she couldn't get treated there.⇔STP12NM50♤The U.S. has repeated its warning to Americans not to travel to Sudan.✄


×If the individual or group responsible for these services is truly based in Ethiopia, it will require a lot of coordination between different elements of government and law enforcement between both countries to try to investigate.☍2EZ43D5E3/TR8⇇India's foreign minister, S. Jaishankar, questioned the timing of the documentary release — a year before India's next national elections — and alleged that the documentary was part of an attempt to "shape a very extremist image" of India and its prime minister.のB82144B1104J⇄UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday offered his condolences to the victims of the "catastrophic floods" in Rwanda and DR Congo.◦TAS685K075P1F-F◢He did not specify how many of those 28 injured were injured by gunshots or how many of those injured were in critical condition.⇓

☻Usually, women and girls with disabilities are not consulted and their voices are missing within the disability movement and beyond.▶511-11JⓛThe speech covered both Iraq's WMD programs and its ties to terrorism. Let's look at how intelligence was handled in that speech.△


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