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⇆Floyd died May 25, 2020, after a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee against the Black man's neck for more than nine minutes. Floyd, who was handcuffed, repeatedly said he couldn't breathe.⇟

ღThe Reconstruction-era precedent, Krishnakumar says, "highlights the fact that this is an unusual, rare step for a legislature to take — and that it's something legislatures don't tend to do in times of normal politics."✪

▬"Of course, rumors about Corden acting in a crass manner off-screen don't help, culminating in a mini scandal of sorts last year, when the owner of a swanky New York restaurant, Balthazar, briefly banned the host amid allegations of ""abusive"" and ""extremely nasty"" behavior. Corden wound up delivering a lengthy apology on The Late Late Show to try and straighten it out.↸


⊡The sale of First Republic after a brief government takeover early on Monday had marked the third bank failure in two months, after Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.»HGTG12N60B3♛Here are eight takeaways.∷AZ23C3V9 RFG↬Plans to resume filming were outlined last year by widower Matthew Hutchins in a proposed settlement to a wrongful death lawsuit that would make him an executive producer on a rebooted "Rust."☂1812J0630332KFR↼North Korea has maintained a rigid blockade since the start of the pandemic, but does allow some trade with China.↘

▃Two days after the author first spoke out about the offer, Scholastic said it had apologized to Tokuda-Hall for its editing approach, in a statement sent to NPR on Thursday night.♡22R156C◩Others saw the summit as a sign that the two key U.S. allies are finally moving forward after years of bickering as they step up their three-way partnership with Washington.☆


█"He called a peaceful protest a temper tantrum," Pearson said. "Is elevating our voices for justice or change a temper tantrum?"⇥2225J0250680FFT▧That means breaking a season down and structuring it — but in this arrangement, writers are paid the union minimum rather than their normal fees, and they're not kept on payroll for long period of time.✁CDR32BP220BFYRAC↬And it refers to the king's wife as "Queen Camilla" for the first time, officially dropping the word "consort" from her title.↰GA0603Y562MXJAC31G⇩"I still believe we'll be able to avoid a default, and we'll get something decent done," Biden said.﹌

↘That was the biggest regional implication.⇝BZM55B13-TR▌Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York who serves on the Intelligence Committee, praised the operation on Twitter Saturday afternoon, saying that the United States could now "collect the equipment and analyze the technology" used by the Chinese government.✄


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