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♠That dragged down other European banks after the collapse of some U.S. banks stirred fears about the health of global banks. European bank shares recovered a bit Thursday, with the Euro Stoxx Banks index of 21 leading lenders up 1.6%, following a steep 8.4% drop Wednesday. Bank stalwarts like Commerzbank, Santander, Unicredit and Raiffaisen all rose more than 2%.❧C320C100J2G5TA▫TULSA, Okla. — Preliminary autopsy reports show eight members of an Oklahoma family found dead inside their burning home were each shot.☠VJ0603Q1R0DFBAI↗The invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003, and it was just the start of what would become a years-long, complex mix of military operations, intelligence activities, and political initiatives to stabilize post-war Iraq and to deal with the consequences.▪SR591A470GARAP1♝"Havana Syndrome," which gets its name from the cases first reported by U.S. diplomats and intelligence officers in Havana, Cuba in 2016, can be characterized by a range of neurological symptoms, including intense headaches and head pressure, vertigo, nausea and a ringing or popping in the ears. Victims have described hearing a painfully high-pitched sound and reported being able to evade it by moving to a different area. Some were forced to leave the workforce because their symptoms were so debilitating.↡

♠State Department spokesperson Ned Price also said Wednesday that the Department's intelligence arm, the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, had contributed to the overall assessment and would continue its own analytic work on the matter.♀1812Y6300123JXR◆From Bradenton, Fla., to Charleston, W.V., from Tulsa to Little Rock, and most recently Altoona, Pa., Maggi has been the epitome of a baseball journeyman, playing season after season in the minors dreaming of his shot in the big leagues.↤


✿That happened around 12:20 a.m., CNN reports. The department has not responded to NPR's request for comment.☄1206J2000101JFT▏NPR also played a part in Biden's speech. The president took a jab at Elon Musk's rocky Twitter acquisition, and then joked about Musk's criticism of some media organisations.✿M39003/01-5486/HSD☞But I found people with weighty stories were still willing to talk in China. The problem was they themselves had yet to sort through and make sense of China's turbulent past, and they struggled to articulate it in full to an outsider.♩C1210C154K5HAC7800☠Kia-Keating has worked with children who feel helpless or uncertain, have difficulty falling asleep, or struggle to describe in words what's bothering them.▫

◩But the show prioritized nostalgia overall as performances merged rock, blues and country straight from the heart of Texas, mixing in tributes and covers alongside newer artists and fan-favorite hit songs.☺BLF645,112◇Jake Sullivan, Mr. Biden's national security adviser, hinted at some tension between the two countries on Sunday when appearing on ABC's "This Week."◣


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GA1206Y682KBABT31G♠"Specifically, the expulsion sanction was used because the representatives refused to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment (a condition necessary for Tennessee's readmission to the Union)," Russell said. By expelling the members, the chamber could meet its majority threshold more easily.✁C0805C223KARECAUTO7210♈In the hospitals still able to function, water is scarce and electricity is unreliable, as is the case in many sectors of the city. Our Sudanese colleagues tell us that surgeons are sometimes operating under the glow of cellphone lights, relying on basic surgical tools like steel scalpels. Resources like oxygen and dialysis supplies, anesthetics and other medications have completely run out in some hospitals. Supply chains that bring food and medicines to Khartoum by air and land have been severed by violence and looting.↽


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C0603X361J8HAC7867▣Witnesses and video footage on social media have begun to paint a picture of the horror that transpired at the shopping center in Allen, a city of more than 100,000 people located 25 miles north of downtown Dallas.S9012-H-BP◐The "complex" microbes inside the stomachs of koalas are designed to neutralize toxins in eucalyptus leaves that are their main food source, said Mathew Crowther, a conservation biologist at the University of Sydney. But their digestive systems can also neutralize some medicines so "that means they don't respond well to antibiotics treatment," he said.➹


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1206J0250821MDT➸Author Martha Brockenbrough has collected close to 400 signatures on a letter to Scholastic calling on the publisher to feature Love in the Library without edits.➨GCM219R71H334KA55J◆David's Bridal first filed for bankruptcy in 2018 to restructure its debt. But the COVID-19 pandemic meant less customers were visiting its brick-and-mortar stores and factories had to shut down.⇜


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