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♧The nation’s radio industry also applauded the reversal. “In light of Ford’s announcement, the National Association of Broadcasters urges other automakers who have removed AM radio from their vehicles to follow Ford’s lead and restore this technology in the interest of listeners and public safety,” said the group’s president, Curtis LeGeyt.┲C340C185K5R5TAMore than 170 victims were buried in four mass graves, Valet Chebujongo, a youth political activist helping in the rescue efforts in Kalehe, said by telephone. "Imagine, you bury them in a mass grave, without a coffin," Chebujongo said.▆CDR31BP120BJWSAB☝As money poured into the cause, Kolfage and his partner, Shea, turned to Bannon and Badolato for help creating a nonprofit, We Build the Wall, Inc. The four defendants then took steps to funnel the money to themselves for personal gain, prosecutors said.◈1825J2500270FCT▔20. ""Like a Virgin"" — Madonna (1984)▨

⇀"I truly believe that a lot of us got home because of the way he conducted himself," Melvin "Brave" Brav, who served under Cavazos, told the San Antonio Express-News.▄C0805C150F8HACAUTO♪The platform's high-profile malfunctioning was not exactly surprising to those who have been observing the social media site since Musk took it over.→

♥"We went through the building twice to make sure," Ifill said. "Now we know for a fact that it's completely empty. And they're not allowed to go back in it until they have a structural engineer come and do a good, solid assessment of the building."ⓥ

◁The new pledge came after the U.S. agreed to allow training on American-made F-16 fighter jets, laying the groundwork for their eventual transfer to Ukraine. Biden said Sunday that Zelenskyy had given the U.S. a "flat assurance" that Ukraine wouldn't use the F-16s jets to attack Russian territory.Θ


◇And while Fisher was "an incredible actress who infused her strength and wit into every role she played," Lourd said she'd remember her mother as one of the wittiest writers she'd encountered. Fisher wrote seven books, but also eminently quotable tweets, her daughter said — and some very persuasive notes excusing her from school.☢TSZU52C3V0 RGG☟But her view changed in 2016 and 2017, she says, as Trump was elected president and accusations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein broke into the public view.♣06035C472K4Z4A➛Potential jurors could face questions about their feelings about Trump, whether they have followed news of his criminal indictment, thoughts about his social media presence and whether the #MeToo movement has "impacted" their lives.♞1206Y0630223FCR☻Testing of some debris samples from the fire confirmed the presence of asbestos, the EPA said, and the agency was working with professionals in Indiana and Ohio to remove the hazardous material.◆

➤Wisconsin Rep. Derrick Van Orden, who led the effort to preserve the ethanol credit, told NPR he would back the package and stressed the bill would help boost the speaker's leverage with President Biden.➞1T7G R0G⇡Lonardo said Medicare paid up to $12 for one test and that the number of covered tests was limited to reduce "the risk of abusive billing." She declined to explain why the Medicare Summary Notices indicated a payment of $94.08.☃


◙Israel was gradually lifting restrictions on residents in southern Israel, which had borne the brunt of the rocket fire.◥0805J0630182FCR✏But in much of the country, especially in rural areas, AM stations are the primary source of weather information in emergencies, although many stations have cut out local news staffing as listeners have migrated to FM and streaming audio. About 40 percent of AM stations have news, talk or sports formats; 11 percent are oriented to specific ethnic groups; and 11 percent are religious, according to BIA.☼1808Y1K50682KXT↚"I am so proud of all we have been able to accomplish together for the American people," Rice said in a tweet, in which she thanked Biden.❤GA1210Y474JXXAT31G⇁The island is the westernmost of the Isles of Fleet, six miles away from a larger nearby town. The seller is unknown.

◪Crack down on undocumented migrants (S.B. 1718)﹌VJ0402Y222KXACW1BC↘The G-7's devotion to protecting what it calls a "rules-based international order" got only a passing mention in the statement released Saturday.⇃

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