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▀ ✍VS-10RIA80M♧Prominent tech leaders took to social media to mourn Lee's death and blame San Francisco for what they call the city's lax attitude toward crime. Scott and Jenkins pushed back against that narrative on Thursday, with the prosecutor specifically naming tech billionaire Elon Musk for commenting on the case.▰L0107DE⇄While incidents like this have happened before, they've never lasted this long, according to a defense official. The U.S. has been tracking the balloon "for quite some time" as it entered U.S. continental airspace a couple of days ago, the official said.▥2220J1K20332KXT❥For intelligence officers, it is also important to understand the inherent limitations of intelligence and to apply that understanding to the confidence one has in any judgment.☻

▨The families of those who died sued the federal government, because the shooter, who was in the Air Force, had a history of domestic violence that should have been flagged in the background system to prevent him from buying a weapon. But the Air Force never entered the information into the database.▩C737U222MYWDBA7317✪In two separate cases, one against Twitter, the other against Google, the families of people killed in terrorist bombing attacks in Istanbul and Paris sued Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube, claiming that the companies had violated the federal Anti-Terrorism Act, which specifically allows civil damage claims for aiding and abetting terrorism.⊠

➯New York Red Bulls forward Dante Vanzeir has apologized after it was reported that he used a racial slur during a game Saturday night.→


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IRF3805STRL-7PP↯Record enrollment over the last two years brought more consumers into the health insurance market. At the same time, many insurers began offering smaller networks of doctors and hospitals, partly to be price competitive.↯0603Y0501P00BQT∴Tuberville's comments garnered immediate criticism and were seen as an attempt by Tuberville to defend white nationalists in the military, with Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., tweeting in response to a news story on the interview, "Disgusting. When people tell you who they are, believe them."●

⇜There are life lessons the women have drawn from their years of diving.▶

❏The officers found Nowland, who is 5-foot-2, alone inside a small treatment room and asked her to drop the knife "for a number of minutes." Nowland did not do so and moments later, an officer stunned Nowland with a Taser, Cotter said.☃

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