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◑"No pictures? No surveillance? No video? No reports? No sales attendants around?? I would like to thank Bergdorf Goodman for confirming they have no video footage of any such incident, because it never happened," he said in a statement after the excerpt was published.▮0805J2500471KFR↠There isn't data on the most common contact methods specifically for IRS imposter scams, but for government imposter scams overall, phone calls are the most common, Brown says.▒2225Y0500181JCR◙Ben Ferencz, the last living prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials, who tried Nazis for genocidal war crimes and was among the first outside witnesses to document the atrocities of Nazi labor and concentration camps, has died. He had just turned 103 in March.⇏251R15S101GV4E♀"This is a significant crack in the stained glass ceiling, and the result of sustained advocacy, activism and the witness" of a campaign of Catholic women's groups demanding the right to vote, said Kate McElwee of the Women's Ordination Conference, which advocates for women priests.✒

«Opponents of mifepristone have argued that the agency ignored safety risks with mifepristone when it approved the drug and later removed important safeguards, like reducing the number of doctor's appointments needed to receive a prescription.¤M39003/01-5616↣"So I really had to be very innovative and make full use of the musical and programming ingenuity that we had at the time," Kondo told the Library of Congress through an interpreter. "I used all sorts of genres that matched what was happening on screen. We had jingles to encourage players to try again after getting a 'game over,' fanfares to congratulate them for reaching goals, and pieces that sped up when the time remaining grew short."▒


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VJ0603Y822JLJAJ32❐To resolve the issues, Forsyth County Schools reached a resolution agreement with the Department of Education that lays out a series of actions for the district, such as providing resources to those impacted by certain books' removal, posting the book screening process in "locations readily available" at middle and high schools and conducting a climate survey for middle and high school students.✯MURS115T3G☣The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act would set the minimum age of social media users to 13. For teens between the ages of 13 and 18, parental consent would be required, and platforms would be banned from using algorithms to recommend content to those young users. Adults would have to create an account for their teens, providing a valid form of ID to become users on a platform, according to the bill.☠

▽When Lempert drilled down further, his research also found that as women climb higher in the ranks it can get worse: Overweight female executives in the top echelons can see as much as a 16% wage penalty.Θ

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♤Thompson said officials took time to thoroughly review the case before pressing charges to ensure justice is done.⊙K2000GAP▒The story is a multi-layer, complex conversation that tackles a few things about the publishing industry at once. The topic of cultural appropriation galvanizes the entire story and at various angles challenges the idea of what kind of stories writers are allowed to write given their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. In one scene, June is challenged by a Chinese American reader on why she thinks it's okay to write and profit from painful Chinese history. She responds, "I think it's dangerous to start censoring what authors should and shouldn't write...I mean, turn what you're saying around and see how it sounds. Can a Black writer not write a novel with a white protagonist?"☝12102C102KAT2A➻Playboy published Haley's interview with King in its January 1965 issue. On Feb. 21 of that year, Malcolm X was assassinated. His death came as signs of a potential thaw between the two civil rights leaders emerged.큐74438356047⋄SpaceX is pinning part of its financial future on this new and fully-reusable orbital system. The company currently uses its Falcon-9 rocket to launch its Starlink Internet satellites into orbit, a few dozen at a time. Starship could one day be able to send several hundred per launch.↔

✲But Lindell told The Associated Press on Thursday that he has no intention of paying and that he expects the dispute to land in court.↭A221M15X7RL5TAA♐"We've seen success with communities kind of becoming engaged through cooperatives, through public-private partnerships," Carver says. "We've even seen nonprofits and school-run grocery stores, as well as municipally run stores in communities."↔


✐"Chicago is a great choice to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention," President Biden said in a statement. "Democrats will gather to showcase our historic progress including building an economy from the middle out and bottom up, not from the top down."✤CWR09KC334KC\TR25↝A former auctioneer has pleaded guilty to selling fake Jean Michel-Basquiat paintings, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.◩1206J0500120JCT♥He said the company, whose brands include Lucky Strike, Kent and Pall Mall, had since transformed its ethics and compliance programs.◘MA1206CG430J500♣Biden’s loan forgiveness plan, which he unveiled in August, would affect more than 40 million borrowers, about half of whom would see their balances wiped clean. It would eliminate up to $10,000 of student debt for borrowers earning up to $125,000 annually, or up to $250,000 for married couples. Those who received Pell Grants, a form of financial aid for low- and middle-income students, are eligible for an additional $10,000 in forgiveness.◙

▯"They want to use Enrique Tarrio as a scapegoat for Donald Trump and those in power," Hassan added.♙FDD5810♬The guitar was eventually repaired and gifted to his friend and musical collaborator, Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees.☈


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