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▫Then, Trump's unprecedented indictment came — Bragg's office charged a former president for the first time. Trump pleaded not guilty.♞

㊣The election in Karnataka is the first of five crucial state polls this year. They are seen as an indicator of voter sentiment ahead of national elections next year.♣


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1206J0630153KCT↯The U.S. Treasury is running out of cash to pay creditors whose bonds are coming due at the same time Treasury must meet the federal payroll and pay bills for all the government buys. And all this while Treasury also sends checks to tens of millions of beneficiaries under Social Security, Medicare and other programs.AOZ5038QI_2↵The car drove through the Sant'Anna entrance to the Vatican at 8 PM, the Holy See press office said in a statement. After initially being turned away by the Pontifical Swiss Guard, the car left the gate and then returned at a high speed, "forcing his way through the two control gates," the statement said.⇉


↳"I'm not a victim, and this isn't a pity party. This is more about awareness," said Mabry, who is encouraging people to contact their state legislators about anti-LGBTQ+ bills in Texas.↶1206Y0250182JFT↘GREEN: We saw it right away. We saw looting of factories and other heavy industry, not just the taking of parts and equipment, but the dismantling of the facilities themselves, which was the equivalent of dismantling the Iraqi economy. It was astounding to see when we would see imagery of, you know, significant factories reduced to, you know, a few pieces of sheet metal, and then that sheet metal would be gone the next day.⏎7687709222✐The average retail price of Mounjaro is currently about $1,180 per month, according to Good Rx for people who pay out of pocket, and though Eli Lilly has not released any information about how the sister-version of Mounjaro will be priced if it's approved for chronic weight management, the cost is likely to be out of reach for many people. As NPR has reported, when patients can't afford to stay on obesity medications, they are likely to gain much of the weight back.▥VJ0603V683MXXPW1BC▩Chinese leader Xi Jinping called Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, over a month after Xi's summit in Moscow with Russia's leader Vladimir Putin.↿

♣A Florida zoo has apologized for offering an “encounter” where visitors could pet a kiwi, New Zealand’s national bird, following outrage in the animal’s home country. It said it has stopped the practice.☻GQM1875C2ER50CB12D☀Campbell's volunteer mission to Ukraine came to an end on April 7, when he was killed defending the embattled Ukrainian city of Bakhmut.♠


●Shares of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., based in Stamford, Connecticut, are up 33% this year, but fell 5% at the opening bell Monday. Shares of Endeavor, based in Beverly Hills, California, slipped less than 1%.▥CDLL5952B☎Georgia's Senate Bill 222 would make it a felony for local election workers or government officials to solicit or accept money to cover the cost of running elections from any source other than the state or federal government.☂IRFPC48☻Palmer says they focus on stocking fresh foods and this helps them stand out from nearby discount stores. They also work to appeal to current tastes. Palmer painted the store's facade teal as a nod to a well-known chain.◘RL0607-100-R◙Meanwhile we have heard reports about attacks on diplomats, as well as videos of shelling and stray bullets going through people's houses. The clashes have been very loud since Saturday. While I'm talking to you, I am hearing anti-aircraft fire.⇉

▤It is worth noting that even though masks were often deemed ineffective in the U.S. in the early days of the pandemic, global evidence shows that N-95s and KN-95s worn properly do reduce your risk of contracting COVID (not to mention the flu and other respiratory ailments). And the U.S. did eventually embrace masks.◦2225Y6300330KCT☾The production company finalized a settlement last month with New Mexico workplace safety regulars over "serious" violations, agreeing to a $100,000 fine to resolve a scathing safety review that detailed unheeded complaints and misfires on set before cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed in October 2021.✉


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