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→HARDY was also a nominee as a songwriter for Morgan Wallen's Sand in my Boots. The country superstar didn't perform as planned due to a vocal cord injury that's halted his tour and was not in attendance when he won best male artist. Brooks took off his hat to honor Wallen, saying missing out on the show "must be killing him."●


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CWR11KB106KDB♡But efforts to tighten agricultural child labor laws have repeatedly failed because of opposition from Republicans in Congress and farm lobbying groups. They argue that such changes would hurt family farms and make it harder to teach kids about farming.✎FDC6302P➬"That is an incredible increase in cost over the last three or four years and...when your claims aren't paid, it can be even more frustrating," he says. "We are investing so much in cybersecurity right now that I don't know how small hospitals will be able to afford [to operate] much longer."♣


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2225J1000470KFT♘Jawanza Williams, the director of organizing at Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY), said in a statement that "people have been deputized" by Mayor Eric Adams' and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul's "hyper-conservative, fear-mongering rhetoric."☝C5750X7R1H475M280KA♜In an unprompted Tuesday email, Musk wrote: "So is NPR going to start posting on Twitter again, or should we reassign @NPR to another company?"●


↴Louisiana State University beat the University of Iowa in the women's NCAA tournament final on Sunday in a matchup full of historic firsts and dramatic moments.▉C052C104K5R5TA7301⊙Snyder has owned the team since 1999, when he bought his favorite boyhood team for $750 million, and despite mounting criticism repeatedly said he'd never sell. That changed after multiple investigations by the league and Congress into Washington's workplace misconduct and potential financial improprieties. The congressional investigation found Snyder played a role in a toxic culture.♗ASPI-1367-2R2M-T♂For Kreiden and her staff, the book’s return on May 10 was the start of an unexpected journey — one that brought the book’s story to news feeds across the country and finally, weeks later, led them to Perry, the stranger who dropped off the library’s oldest new addition.◪S1210-392F유The Indus Waters Treaty is singularly peculiar, says Pakistani environmental lawyer Rafay Alam because the treaty "divides water rather than shares it."♈

◈Another search effort would be conducted at first light on Thursday, the Coast Guard spokesperson said.↷1206J0250103MXTღDefense attorneys argued at the sentencing hearing that Potter deserved leniency because Wright was trying to drive away and Potter had the right to defend herself.◙

➙China acknowledged Friday that a high-altitude balloon spotted this week over the U.S. does in fact belong to Beijing, but it referred to the airship as a civilian device "used for scientific research such as meteorology." A senior defense official told CBS News on Thursday that the Defense Department was "confident" that it was, in fact, a Chinese surveillance balloon.⇁

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