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The tragedy propelled grief-stricken Kushner to look to the Bible to boldly confront issues of suffering, fairness and the role of an omnipotent God — a task that many have ventured to explain but very few have answered as effectively and gracefully as him.↛1210J2000181FFT♐And as a measure of how that messaging lands, a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday found that two-thirds of all respondents think that the charges in New York are not that serious. Six in 10 say the investigation is politically motivated.↕2220Y0250392GCR↘So it's perhaps not a stunning turn of events that Spaces buckled just as DeSantis was delivering his big news, despite all of Musk's enthusiasm about the event.☢1808Y2000680KFR▫Chief among them: "Weather the storm," Shanahan and her colleagues wrote.✯

↶After that first performance, the choir played many other concerts — in music halls, private homes and at weddings. At public concerts, half of their repertoire consisted of Christian hymns, arias and choruses popular at the time, sung in English. The rest were religious songs written by Black South African composers.⇖1825J6300561MXT❤Tuberville told WBHM he opposes the policy because he believes it uses taxpayer money to fund abortions.⇤


✈The independent autopsy was paid for by the Autopsy Initiative of the Know Your Rights Camp, an initiative started by former NFL star and activist Colin Kaepernick.☄2225Y1000820JCT⇚Following similar claims Khan made last weekend, when he named a serving intelligence officer, an army spokesman said in a statement that Khan had "leveled highly irresponsible and baseless allegations against a serving senior military officer without any evidence" and described his claims as "extremely unfortunate, deplorable and unacceptable."↕TBJD227K010CRSZ0000►Park rangers repeatedly tried to reunite the calf with the herd, but the herd resisted.1812Y0630273JAR⇢The team has played in its current stadium, the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, for their entire tenure in the city. The Coliseum is among the oldest stadiums in the major leagues, and A's owners had long been seeking a new park.⊟

▪Following the federal consent decree, the department has shown that "97% of use-of-force incidents were within policy during the most recent monitoring period," Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department, told NPR.♚GA1210A121GXEAT31G▌The owners also claim Florida's new law is too vague, and they allege their bookings fell 20% after the restaurant, out of caution, told customers this month that they could no longer bring children to drag shows.➳


⏎Crowther has been monitoring a population of koalas in northern New South Wales for more than a decade. In 2008, 10% of animals tested there were infected with chlamydia. Today that rate is 80%.↗A271J15C0GF5TAA➸Yellowstone National Park rangers euthanized a newborn bison calf after a visitor touched the animal, trying to help it catch up with its herd, the National Park Service said on Tuesday.♥VJ0805A562GXQTW1BC➧In a news release Wednesday, the agency said the search was suspended pending "further developments" after SEMAR — the Mexican navy — and the Coast Guard spent roughly 280 hours searching Mexico's northern Pacific coast.➘DDTC124TCA-7-F▨It's unclear exactly who funded the tour. Erlmann says it was probably Letty and Balmer, who would have either raised funds or put in their own money, along with two choir members who invested. One of them was Paul Xiniwe, an older singer and a successful businessman. The financial agreement, Katie said, included each singer getting "two pounds a week for spending money."☭

❁So what should meteorite hunters look for? The museum says chemical composition testing is the most definitive way to know what they've found, but there are clues that can point them in the right direction.♠2212-H❏As public attention to it grew, U.S. lawmakers passed legislation to boost support and compensation for those who suffered brain injuries as a result of the syndrome; President Biden signed the Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks (HAVANA) Act in October of 2021.⇖


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CL10B223KA8NFNC✄The administrator of the worst-affected area, the Kalehe territory of South Kivu province, told The Associated Press by phone that more bodies were recovered Sunday, including many found floating in Lake Kivu.⊙2225Y1K20220KCT£DeKalb County officials said the $2 million grant money would go toward things like upgrading office facilities. There are no major elections scheduled in Georgia in 2023.⇋

⊙Who is it? Gannett publishes newspapers like USA Today, as well as many local weekly papers. Despite managing many local outlets, it has been cutting down for years.


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