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あ"I was standing a short distance from the crowd when a friend of mine contacted me on the phone about the approach of a fighter jet," the witness said. "The jet dropped bombs directly on the crowd, and I jumped into a nearby ditch and hid. A few moments later, when I stood up and looked around, I saw people cut to pieces and dead in the smoke. The office building was destroyed by fire. About 30 people were injured. While the wounded were being transported, a helicopter arrived and shot more people. We are now cremating the bodies quickly."✆150D476X9006B2B❤The attack on Uman is the deadliest strike on a Ukrainian apartment building since 40 people were killed in Dnipro in January.↙SP1008-391H▫Friday's report comes nearly a month after an Interior Department inspector general investigation found significant health and safety issues at three tribal detention centers in the Southwest. One facility on the San Carlos Reservation in southeastern Arizona had leaky plumbing, broken lights and, most significantly, a broken air conditioning unit in the female detention pod. Temperatures regularly hover above 100 degrees in the summer on the reservation. Staff at another jail told investigators they fear that their building could collapse due to severe structural issues, including falling cinder blocks.⊙1812YA250121KCTSY2Mike Colle, a Toronto city councillor, said Panza had worked on some of his campaigns and they got to know each other.۰

◀The injured women range in age from 25 to 71, according to Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum. It's unclear if these victims were specifically targeted by the gunman or if they are employees or patients of the medical practice, he said.⇄2SD2257,KEHINQ(J◫A fire in 2019 at a facility owned by Intercontinental Terminals Company burned for days and though it caused no injuries, it triggered air quality warnings.☂


↖"This is a significant milestone for the BSA as we emerge from a three-year financial restructuring process with a global resolution approved with overwhelming support of more than 85% of the survivors involved in the case," CEO Roger Mosby said.⇄JANTX1N6630U◣Jordan served 38 years of a 40-year sentence for reckless murder stemming from a car accident, which his lawyer argued in his petition for early release was one of the longest sentences in Alabama history for the crime. A jury had found him guilty of being drunk while driving a vehicle that crashed with another, killing a man. If he were convicted today instead, he would be eligible to receive a sentence as short as 13 years behind bars, because he has no prior felony history, wrote Alabama Circuit Judge Stephen Wallace, who reviewed Jordan's petition for early release.⇦2225Y5000151KFR➛The idea to make Colorado a safe haven for trans individuals was first floated last year by Colorado's only transgender state lawmaker, Democratic Rep. Brianna Titone. But Democrats decided not to take up the issue until this year.♨1111Y1500680GQT♥The case is separate from that of the more than two dozen people arrested in December, also for planning to topple the government. Among the plotters was a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany party.◑

❤Scholastic, which had planned to feature Love in the Library as part of its "Rising Voices Library" collection highlighting AANHPI voices, said it hopes to restart the conversation with Tokuda-Hall with the aim of sharing the book with the author's note unchanged.۰0805Y0100332FCR☆In the 1990s, he worked in the Finance Ministry and later directed the social security institution — his resume boasts he was once named "Bureaucrat of the Year" — before becoming a member of parliament in 2002.•

★It's a lackluster policy, says Naomi Karp, an expert on aging and finances who spent eight years as a senior analyst at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Office for Older Americans. That's because the act makes staff training optional, and it lacks oversight.♥


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1812J5000821MDT▐When those with disabilities are ignored or neglected or discriminated against or denied their rightful place in any sphere of life, the world is losing out. So we need to be paid attention to.▫1N6625US✣The hostel is in an industrial area and features billboards on one side. Dark smoke stains extended up the exterior walls on the top story of the building.☾

➭Hodding Carter III attended Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire before graduating from Greenville High School in 1953. He graduated from Princeton University in 1953 and married Margaret Ainsworth Wolfe. They had four children before divorcing in 1978.☣


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