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⇍In one of my last briefings I gave the vice president, I said, Mr. Vice President, you make the decisions. I don't make policy. You were elected to make policy. I'm just giving you what our analysts bring to the table in terms of expertise from the field, and that if those questions are not answered, we will have serious problems on our hands.▨MLG1005S0N3CTD25▒The third round resumed Sunday morning, and officials said the fourth and final round was expected to begin Sunday afternoon.108R-333G↾In playing those roles, the Agency's performance was mixed.  As many people know, some of our work reflected the worst the Agency had to offer. Few people know, however, that some of our work also reflected the best the Agency had to offer. If there is a theme to this episode, that is it.▦108-153K☼"You almost want to curse," Towarnicki, 38, said. "You're like, 'Oh, no, it's happening.'"♔

♧The U.S. Supreme Court is once again dipping its toes into a legal conflict between congressional investigators and the executive branch. Only this time, the former Trump administration and the current Biden administration are on the same side.◑GA0402Y821JXBAC31G⇣The Monitoring and Coordination Committee is to be made up of three representatives each from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and three representatives from each party.


☂After finding the book on her desk, she said, she asked her staff about who returned it, wanting to question the person about all the places the book had been. But they didn’t know who the man was.∴299D106X9020CB1E3The unseasonal high temperatures could further flame the dozens of fires burning in Canada's western Alberta province, where officials have ordered evacuations and declared a state of emergency. Residents and officials in the Northwest have been trying to adjust to the likely reality of longer, hotter heat waves following the deadly " heat dome " weather phenomenon in 2021 that prompted record temperatures and deaths across the region.▫S4X8ES♝The North American Aerospace Defense Command was "actively" tracking the first balloon, the Canadian DND said.◐VJ1206A150GLCAJ32↧Chávez Rodriguez said she was excited when Barack Obama, a fellow community organizer, announced his bid for president. In 2008 she began knocking on doors for his campaign. "He really elevated the role of organizing and service," Chávez Rodriguez told the GWU students.✪

▧Wilson called the album a "labor of love" and said she wrote 300 songs during the pandemic. She said people often tell her how much the album means to their lives, and she said writing them "saved mine."☺JANS2N5004□"The world knows that some of the most persecuted people on this planet are those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community," Orta said, saying some of her clients face victimization in Mexico because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.▃


♨ORLANDO, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers ratcheted up pressure on Walt Disney World on Monday by announcing legislation that will use the regulatory powers of Florida government to exert unprecedented oversight on the park resort's rides and monorail.◐GCM188R72A272JA37D◙Others encouraged people who had that reaction to interrogate the bias behind it.♣VJ1206A330JXEMC♥The Lagash area, close to the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was dubbed the "garden of the gods" by the ancients for its fertility and gave rise to a string of Sumerian cities dating back to the early dynastic period.199D684X0035AXB1E3♦After the oath, the king's glittering golden robes will be removed, and he'll sit on an ancient wooden chair in front of a high altar. (Fun facts: The BBC calls the chair the oldest piece of furniture still used for its original purpose in the U.K. And even though it has been refurbished over the centuries, the Coronation Chair still bears graffiti, including this cheeky carving: "P. Abbott slept in this chair 5-6 July 1800.")↘

卐But I found people with weighty stories were still willing to talk in China. The problem was they themselves had yet to sort through and make sense of China's turbulent past, and they struggled to articulate it in full to an outsider.●LD051A391JAB4A⇀On Saturday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott offered the full backing of the state government in the aftermath of the incident and expressed support for the victims.↕

▒"Unfortunately, most of these schemes are the result of bad actors receiving stolen Medicare beneficiary information," Scott Lampert, assistant inspector general for investigations, tells KFF Health News.▣


▷Last week, the news outlet Sportico reported on turmoil within The Giving Back Fund in part sparked by the question of whether gifts to Hamlin's GoFundMe are charitable donations. Marc Pollick, CEO of The Giving Back Fund, disputed the accuracy of Sportico's reporting in a statement and said the organization's leadership "has always operated ethically, appropriately, and legally."→QK016NH4RP▉According to NASA's Office of Inspector General, each Orion spaceflight will cost more than $4 billion, and the overall cost of the Artemis program through the 2025 fiscal year will reach $93 billion.♩PA2729.113NL☎Last month, supporters of the movement pulled down the Indian flag at the country's high commission in London and smashed the building's windows in a show of anger against the move to arrest Singh. India's Foreign Ministry denounced the incident and summoned the U.K.'s deputy high commissioner in New Delhi to protest what it called the breach of security at the embassy in London. The supporters of the Khalistan movement also vandalized the Indian Consulate in San Francisco in the United States.❁GA0402A120JXXAC31G↑The appellate panel then issued a complicated ruling on the injunction, siding in part with the FDA and part with the anti-abortion coalition.▂

↧Nick Davis, who owns a vineyard with his twin brother outside of Madera, has decided to participate. He's been dumping water on his grape vines since the heavy rains started this winter, sinking more than 4 times the amount of water he typically uses on the vines into the ground.♔TAZV107K020LBSC0000☼"Most of the work done at the other sites focuses on kings and priests. And that is all very important but the regular people are also important."♪

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