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ˍThis interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.◆


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CKC21C472KEGACAUTOⓛHer volunteer efforts led to jobs in the Obama administration — in the White House and the Department of the Interior.✉MA4P161-134❣Derrick Johnson, the national president of the NAACP, is himself a resident of Jackson. At a community meeting earlier this month, he said the policing law would treat Black people as "second-class citizens."⇔

♨Scandals involving Johnson's turbulent time in office continue to plague the UK's ruling Conservative Party and British institutions. And this one comes at a time when many media outlets – especially those that receive public funding, as the British Broadcasting Corporation does – are struggling to prove their editorial independence at a time of heightened political disinformation.✯

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0201YA100JAQ2A☁The verdict came after a two-week trial that featured a courtroom performance by Sheeran as the singer insisted, sometimes angrily, that the trial was a threat to all musicians who create their own music.☠0603Y0501P60HQT☈After exiting Khartoum, Eisa says the journey was relatively straightforward.✒


░As he showed up, the courtroom was stormed by dozens of agents from the accountability bureau, backed by paramilitary troops, breaking windows after Khan's guards refused to open the door.♥C1210X473M3JAC7800✄The suit does not mention a specific dollar amount being sought by the Nichols family in damages. However, Ben Crump, one of the family's attorneys, said during a news conference Wednesday that the family is seeking $550 million in damages.↺1210Y0500104MET⇓"We're essentially getting to the end of the first generation of Titanic research and exploration, and we're getting ready to transition into the next generation," he says. "And I think this tool basically signals a shift from that generation to the next."▷M1330-54K↲"Look, I get that age is a completely reasonable issue," he said, before sharing his perspective: "You might think I don't like Rupert Murdoch. That's simply not true. How can I dislike a guy who makes me look like Harry Styles?"→

Tallapoosa County District Attorney Mike Segrest said two teens — Tyreese "Ty Reik" McCullough, 17, and Travis McCullough, 16, both of Tuskegee — would be tried as adults. That's automatically required in Alabama for anyone 16 or older charged with murder. Investigators said Wednesday that Wilson LaMar Hill Jr., 20, of Auburn also was arrested on the same charge.◁PM7032S-3R3M⋄The leaders pledge to work together both within the G-7 and with other countries to "enhance economic resilience globally against various shocks, stand firm to protect our shared values, and preserve economic efficiency by upholding the free, fair and rules-based multilateral system."✣

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