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↯The Latin American nation had previously seen a relatively low number of attacks on schools — nowhere near as many as in the U.S. But a sharp increase in the past year has prompted national debate. In the eight months since August, there have been nine attacks. In the 20 years before that there were 13.♜


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1206J1000181KCT☞But opposition politician Srdjan Milivojevic told television station N1 that "this is a battle for survival." He said, "If the president does not understand his people, it's time he resigned."ⓔ0603Y0500181JDT☼They're the first from their country to ride a rocket since a Saudi prince launched aboard shuttle Discovery in 1985. In a quirk of timing, they'll be greeted at the station by an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates.◇


▪The group included John Watson of Braswell Family Farms in North Carolina, who donated 30,000 eggs to the roll.♠NTE5841♠In the hours after the bombing, the staff of Boston Magazine scrambled to redo their next cover story, successfully predicting what would become the city's symbol of resiliency: Running shoes.▥C333C562GAG5TA▦They considered several key questions: Which hazards injure and kill the most people? Which hazards does the CPSC know it will have to warn about year after year? What behaviors does it need to visualize to address the hazards that have the biggest gaps in visuals featuring people with disabilities?➣744042120☭“If the nonpartisan CBO expected the resolution to work the way the Left is saying there would be a larger cost saving,” Foxx said. “CBO’s cost estimate did not include additional savings that would have accrued if this resolution required borrowers to make retroactive payments for the years of the repayment pause.”⇜

◎Gershkovich, who is being held in Moscow's Lefortovo prison, has not been allowed to see any officials from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow despite "repeated demands for access" the Journal reported. So far, only visits from his Russian attorneys have been allowed.▎VJ1808A220JCFAJ↳It was initially banned in Pakistan after "a campaign accusing the film of inappropriate content," as NPR has reported. But the ban was reversed in much of the country. The movie won multiple prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and was Pakistan's submission for this past March's Academy Awards (although it didn't earn a nomination). Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai signed on as an executive producer. Joyland opened in U.S. theaters in April.


▒"They just choose to sort of mock them and turn them into memes and try and use their sport to entertain people from a comedic point of view," he said.░C1812X103M3JAC7800➜The teenager was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, authorities said. The homeowner was taken into custody. Investigators recovered a firearm from the scene.】VJ1825Y275KLXAJ5G♠It can take hours before someone who mistakenly eats a mushroom containing AMA to feel sick. Initially, their symptoms typically include "horrible gastrointestinal problems, vomiting and diarrhea, and people are usually extremely dehydrated," Brewer says.▶1206Y1000682MDT⚘The phrase "Boston Strong," was borrowed from the start — the brainchild of three Emerson College students inspired by the "Live Strong" mantra associated with Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation.⇡

✉Not all of them survived. But some of them did.↶HQCEMM240GAH6A➘Davis was transported to the hospital, where he died.➮


⇅Shealy had voted for the six-week ban this year when it failed to pass but said she has since changed her mind and voted against it Tuesday.⇟ZTX957▌No additional information from the autopsy beyond the cause and manner of death can be released by the medical examiner's office, Williams said.▰DDTB123EC-7-F☭Issues involving trans people — like access to gender-affirming medical care and participation in youth sports — have become politically contentious in recent years.♤CWR09MB155KB\TR♙"Rescue and search operations are continuing, without respite," he said.☺

のDeleted accounts would wipe out data across Gmail, Google Drive and Docs, Google Photos, Google Calendar and YouTube.☟CDR35BP822BJZRAT➩"President Biden has a choice: Come to the table and stop playing partisan political games, or cover his ears, refuse to negotiate and risk bumbling his way into the first default in our nation's history," McCarthy said.➱


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