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✐The deaths Sunday bring to 80 the number of Palestinians killed since the start of the year, as Israel has stepped up arrest raids in the West Bank. A spasm of Palestinian attacks against Israelis has killed 14 people in 2023.➘GJM0335C2A5R7BB01J▥The Justice Department is seeking emergency relief from the U.S. Supreme Court in a Texas case involving limited access to the abortion drug mifepristone.➴TBME107K020LBSB0000☀Zoo Miami communications director Ron Magill told Radio New Zealand on Wednesday that “I immediately went to the zoo director, and I said, ‘We have offended a nation,’” after viewing the encounter video. He said Paora would not be in contact with the public or exposed to fluorescent lights again.░VJ0603A220JNAAJ㊣He also said he missed his grandmother's funeral in Ireland because of the trial, and that he "won't get that time back."☛

★"I was sleeping — or at least dozing — when they came down to get me," Flamini said, according to The Guardian. "I thought something had happened. I said: 'Already? No way.' I hadn't finished my book."❈1808SA330JAT9A☭-- Every summer, Thomas has now acknowledged, he spends about a week at Camp Topridge, Crow's private resort in the Adirondacks. There he hobnobs not just with Crow and his wife, but Crow's other friends, big corporate leaders, and conservative activists and influencers.☝

┱"The defendant used 'casting' that involved prayer and energy work," Blake told the jury on Monday, according to East Idaho News. "Often this casting didn't work and the beliefs evolved to zombies. A common theme was the body had to be destroyed."✏


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CDRH73NP-330MC-B➸The watch store break-in was the fifth similarly brazen robbery carried out by amateurs hitting precious metal dealers or jewelers in Tokyo since March. A dumbfounded investigator told the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper that "young people don't seem to understand this crime will definitely get them arrested."▧2225Y0160224KFT▩All the evidence and her patient's story were sealed and locked away, just feet from a wall of thank-you cards from patients and sticky notes of encouragement between nurses.۰

➳"Reparations are not only morally justifiable, but they have the potential to address longstanding racial disparities and inequalities," Lee said.★


▎A U.S. official told CBS News on Friday that the balloon was "not moving very fast."✯BC214LB▤The Shariah court ruled that the term "transgender" as it is used in the law creates confusion. It covers several biological variations, including intersex, transgender men, transgender women and Khawaja Sira, a Pakistani term commonly used for those who were born male but identify as female.▎VJ0805A271FXAAP⇎"I hope ain't nobody else in there," Scott recalled thinking, worrying for the garage workers he'd gotten to know.◥CDR33BX104AKUMAB➱But European laboratories confirmed Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, a Soviet-made nerve agent.◇

⇀(In fact, a year after "The Message" was released, it spurred a PSA that encouraged people to cross the street safely with this refrain: "Don't step out when you're close to the edge / Stop, look, listen, think, and you won't lose your head.")↕13008-061KESZ❂Seven deputies and three hospital workers have been charged with second-degree murder in Otieno's death.✈


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