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VJ0603A181FXQCW1BC➵The clinic's director, Angela Franey, had previously voiced support for the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision.⇊SI4420DY✯Abass said her family spent the night huddling on the ground floor of their home. "No one was able to sleep and the kids were crying and screaming with every explosion," she said. Sounds of gunfire were heard while she was speaking to The Associated Press.⇕


۰NPR's Dara Kerr contributed to this report.▇C0805C222F8HACAUTO▒The Biden administration has been the first to embrace grassroots programs and has called for sustainable funding for "harm reduction services" in its national overdose prevention strategy. But it has stopped short of explicitly recommending settlement funds for this purpose.⇝CMR3-06 BK☼Check out a full list of honorees here.⊕1206Y0500223JXR⇛Just hours before the ceremony, Russia launched a wave of airstrikes against Ukraine's capital Kyiv, with Ukrainian authorities claiming to have shot down 23 of 25 missiles.♥

↜As the last vote was cast in Nebraska, where abortion is currently banned after 20 weeks of pregnancy, cheers erupted outside the legislative chamber, with opponents of the bill waving signs and chanting, "Whose house? Our house!"♦2220Y5000822JXR➣Debris believed to be aircraft parts was spotted in the area, about 1,800 kilometers (1,120 miles) southwest of Tokyo, he said.☣


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DC1050-275K❐He did not have to.↹C0603C0G1E220K030BA▏He'd go home dehydrated and exhausted and then wake up at 4 a.m. the next day and do it again.☻


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GCM0335C1H390JA16D↦"Silence is kind of a peak achievement in a child's ability to control themselves," Mejía-Menendez says. "We create the conditions for children to concentrate."✄CGJ5L2X7R1H474K160AA❣""Reasonable people will differ as to the threat she posed in February 2019 to the national security of the United Kingdom, and as to how that threat should be balanced against all countervailing considerations,'' Jay said in delivering the decision of the tribunal. ""However, under our constitutional settlement, these sensitive issues are for the secretary of state to evaluate and not for the commission.""↾

█Students in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction gather on the steps of the school's indoor auditorium to discuss a topic chosen by staff members. One recent morning, they talked about mental health and sobriety. A teenage boy dressed in tan corduroys, a black hoodie, and sneakers went first.♧

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