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♖The bill will prohibit Florida colleges and universities from spending state or federal money on campus programs that “advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.” It would also require state education leaders to appoint faculty members to review general education courses, in order to ensure lessons do not “distort historical events” or include critical race theory.→


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GRM1557U1H161JZ01D☆Lee said his former company has already taken back more than 20 sex dolls from customs officials through lawsuits. He said the company has filed separate lawsuits seeking government compensation as many of the retrieved sex dolls became unusable following about two years of seizures by the customs service.➯SR211C103KAATR2➷Ban kids at drag shows (S.B. 1438)↥

☊"It is important that such close friends can talk about all of these questions together, continually," he said.◣


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S1812-392H▶Senate leader Phil Berger accused Cooper on Saturday of "feeding the public lies" and "bullying" members of his party to block the legislation. "I look forward to promptly overriding his veto," he said in a statement.➷VJ0603D200KXXAC➭On the impact of the 12-week ban, and how it will change his work:⇈


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0805Y0100100FCR☢The moment instantly went viral, as sports commentators and fans criticized Reese for what they perceived as an "unsportsmanlike" move toward Clark.♥C1210X119D1HAC7800☾During a budget hearing last week, Bryan Newland, the assistant secretary for Indian Affairs at the Interior Department, told Merkley's subcommittee that his agency is requesting more funding for maintenance and operations at the detention centers.♡

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