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▍9. ""Ode to Billie Joe"" — Bobbie Gentry (1967)↬2225Y1K50821JXT▧"The existence of positive Doppler radar returns — meteorites detected descending through the atmosphere just several miles above ground — assures us there are meteorites waiting to be found," Darryl Pitt, chair of the museum's meteorite division, said in a Monday release.☪TAZG336K010CRLC0845♥Raskin said that he still was exhausted as he recovered from the final round of chemotherapy, but that he would issue a proper thank you soon.↹CWR09DK335KCC❥ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — Pope Francis said Sunday the Vatican was willing to help facilitate the return of Ukrainian children taken to Russia during the war, saying the Holy See had already helped mediate some prisoner exchanges and would do "all that is humanly possible" to reunite families.☂

▓"It's concerning, and I hope they're quickly trying the best they can to correct whatever's going on," said Michael Freeze, who along with his friend dressed up as jockeys. "They need to do whatever is best for the horses, and the sport in general."►0805Y0160152GCR✌The ash column ejected by Fuego reached some 19,000 feet above sea level. Last month, concerns about an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Russia forced Alaska Airlines to cancel some flights to and from Alaska.☪

☝Adams sent the bus despite the vociferous objections from officials in Orange and Rockland counties, reported Gothamist.➺

⇤Lillian's family reported her missing on April 30 after she'd failed to make a daily check-in call. Local media outlet News 7 said that bad weather limited local authorities' ability to search by air.❐

♣What's he saying? Ash spoke with NPR's Ari Shapiro about what his job entails, and how this 12-week ban will impact his work.☼

▶Analysts at the Peterson Institute for International Economics warn that there are national security implications if Congress fails to increase the credit limit to pay the bills it has already incurred. A fact sheet circulated by the group says it could boost China and Russia while "sowing irreparable doubt among even our closest allies not just about US financial commitments, but about any promises we have made to other countries."♖

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