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♀Photos showed firefighters spraying water toward burning homes and buildings and large, orange flames engulfing a pine forest near a seaside resort hotel. The Korea Forest Services said that the fire was likely sparked by a tree that fell over a powerline after being snapped by strong winds.▇1808Y1K20150JCT⇧Gangs recently threatened migrants who were wading across the river border illegally, as well as their guides, Margarita said, but the crossings had continued.✌0505J2005P60DQT♕The policies were in place as a way of ensuring government propaganda did not run amuck on the platform. Now that Musk owns Twitter, it is unclear if the same platform and advertising restrictions on state-affiliated media are still in place.☃VJ1210A122KXCAT◦"The school received backlash earlier this month when a day after the Writers Guild of America went on strike on May 2 it announced its decision to have Zaslav as the commencement speaker.£

▰The U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday it will end its search for a man who reportedly fell overboard on a cruise ship traveling in the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii.♂592D337X06R3R2T20H☭Said Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, in a statement Tuesday: "We look forward to the DNC's convention where their radical agenda will be on full display for the world to see. Voters will soundly reject whichever out-of-touch liberal the Democrats nominate in Chicago and instead elect our Republican nominee as the next President of the United States."◑

▤"Bennettsville used to be a more thriving community years ago," says Lowery's health care provider, nurse practitioner Pat Weaver. "With a lot of our plants leaving for, you know, overseas in the last 15-20 years really made a devastating impact. We used to have a hospital here and now we no longer have that. It is very poor."◐


▌The palace was located about 20 miles south of Mosul and dates back 2,800 years ago.♣VJ0805D4R7CXCATღ"The move grounds all Army aviators, except those participating in critical missions, until they complete the required training," the Army said in a statement.▊CWR09JH685KDC\TR⇅After receiving complaints about books, the school district's media committee got a request to allow parents to grant or deny permission for their child to read books with sexual or LGBTQ+ content, but the committee rejected that option, saying students would find a way to skirt the system, and librarians would have to play "the role of 'gatekeeper,' " the federal memo said.✿1812AC471MAT3A\SB❏Copyright law is also an option in some cases. That's what Drake and The Weeknd's label, Universal Music Group, has invoked to get the song impersonating their voices pulled from streaming platforms.♨

↯Marcelina Aguirre said her husband was among the dead. She said he had told her there were risks at the mine.⇞6000-6R8M«He was honored alongside the first responders who helped save his life at a pre-Super Bowl ceremony in February.●


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VJ1825A152KBEAT4X↲Or, a hush money scheme.★TAZA335K004CBSZ0000卐The rangers later euthanized the calf, saying its persistence in approaching cars posed a hazard to guests, according to NPS.♤

⊙“That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time,” said Ben Downs, the owner and general manager of the AM station WTAW in Bryan, Tex. His station airs local talk shows, nationally syndicated conservative talk shows, and local news and weather. “When you get [Massachusetts Democratic Sen.] Ed Markey and [Texas Republican Sen.] Ted Cruz on a piece of legislation, there’s a good reason it’s such a bipartisan issue: America needs AM radio in their cars. We do a lot of things that other people don’t do, like news and sports.”↔

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