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08055A5R0KAT2A☄His next court date is July 17.↳0603J025P680CCR❐"Give me a date. November of 1995? November 7? April 3 of 1996? Sure. There's calendars. There's schedules. There's appointments. We could see where he was," Tacopina said during closing arguments Monday. "But of course, with no date, no month, no year, can't present an alibi. Can't call witnesses."↬

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◎The deal with Scholastic was contingent on not only nixing that section, according to the author, but removing the word "racism" from the author's note entirely.⚘0805J2500681KCR▏With Monday's fire, there have been five fire-related deaths this year in New York City where officials have said the cause of the blaze was an e-bike, out of 59 total e-bike-related fires this year. Last year, there were six e-bike-related fatalities in the city.⊞SIHA30N60AEL-GE3♥He was preparing her for a world that perceived women differently. Rometty said O'Brien had twice nominated her for manager of the year.☃CWR11HH106KCA\M100☺In their eyes, zombies are controlled by dark spirits — and the host body can only be released through physical death, Ball added.↘

☢That fire made me want to run for the chair of the committee to lead that group. I wanted to harmonize divisions, listen and humble myself.↘1537-66JЮ"And after the massacre, it really puts things in perspective that I can't live. Because of my skin color. I can't live freely because of the way that I look in the color of my skin," she said.ⓛ


╬South Korea has been requesting and the U.S. has been promising to give Seoul a bigger say in how to deter North Korea, including more joint planning, consultation and intelligence sharing.✃ELJ-RG3N3DF✿As the violence spread, many stayed home. The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad canceled all its Wednesday consular appointments following Khan's arrest and issued a nationwide alert, telling Americans to review their personal security plans and avoid large crowds.〓C1825X683KFRACTUЮ"Today, the security of our country depends on you," Putin said in remarks directed at those fighting in Ukraine. "The future of our statehood and our people depends on you."➬C0603X221J3HAC7867☼Lawyers for Tarrio — who spent Jan. 6 in a Baltimore hotel room, but who monitored the action from afar — argued he was a mere "scapegoat" for the Justice Department and a far easier target.⇎

◇CBS Evening News – June 17, 2003↕CK05BX102KTR2×"This law is simply not sustainable," HRW Uganda and Tanzania researcher Oryem Nyeko told CBS News correspondent Debora Patta, as it effectively "criminalizes people simply for being who they are as well as further infringing on the rights to privacy, and freedoms of expression and association that are already compromised in Uganda."⇊


⊙During a budget hearing last week, Bryan Newland, the assistant secretary for Indian Affairs at the Interior Department, told Merkley's subcommittee that his agency is requesting more funding for maintenance and operations at the detention centers.▲GRM21BC81C475KA88K♧Broaden the death penalty (S.B. 450)☆SMZG3795A-E3/52▧For a minimum of £150,000, or just over $186,000, Barlocco Island off the coast of Scotland could be yours — but don't count on being able to build yourself a home. The island is considered a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which will make any kind of construction exceedingly difficult, and that's if you can get there.♪CWR11JK335MB\TR❤Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled that former Prime Minister Imran Khan's arrest earlier this week was illegal and that he should be released immediately.⇧

웃CANBERRA, Australia — Tony Award-winning comedian Barry Humphries, internationally renowned for his garish stage persona Dame Edna Everage, a condescending and imperfectly-veiled snob whose evolving character has delighted audiences over seven decades, has died. He was 89.⊡C333C272FAG5TA7301↭"Right now the fight has come to my neighborhood," she says. "Three people were killed two minutes away from my house from anti-aircraft, and yeah, we're very frightened and scared and we're also in a very bad situation in terms of supplies."▀


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