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▩Griffiths: That was our first therapeutic trial that we ran at Johns Hopkins with psychedelics. I remember feeling very cautious about what an experience of this sort would do to someone who's facing the most significant existential threat that they can.★


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GA1210Y153JBLAT31G↣President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced the start of the rulemaking process on Monday afternoon — just weeks before the busy summer travel season.►C1206X222K2GEC⇐She added via text that she was glad to hear of Singletary's arrest and couldn't "believe he made it all the way to Florida."◘


♨"Rust" safety coordinator and assistant director David Halls pleaded no contest in March to a conviction for unsafe handling of a firearm and a suspended sentence of six months of probation.ぃVJ0805D820KLAAC♩For example, Facebook now uses a transparency feature for pages that show where the information is being hosted. "If you are unsure about a particular page or information that's being shared, you can oftentimes look on the Facebook page and ask, 'Does this geolocation information match up to where I expect to see it?'" Larson said.▍VJ0805Y123KXAPW1BC◙In 1968, Johnson named Fortas to succeed Chief Justice Earl Warren, who was retiring. At his confirmation hearing to be chief justice, details of his close relationship with Johnson were revealed. As a sitting justice, he sat in on meetings at the White House, discussed secret court deliberations with Johnson and lobbied members of the Senate who opposed the war in Vietnam on the president's behalf.◥1812Y0100222JCR♦In Tuesday's press statement, Knopf said that the book would be "intimate and moving" and that Griner would disclose "in vivid detail her harrowing experience of her wrongful detainment (as classified by the State Department) and the difficulty of navigating the byzantine Russian legal system in a language she did not speak."☢

☢The storm’s torrential downpour seeped — then poured — into his home in Tamuning. The 33-year-old spent the night using buckets, old clothes, a mop and a broom to protect his belongings. Still, by Thursday morning, his floors were covered by five inches of water. There were holes in his roof. And the power was out.✌VJ0603A1R8DXJPW1BC▦Their new house, which Daniel shares with his parents and two brothers, is pretty empty. There is some basic furniture and a room filled with toys, but the walls remain bare. They left Ukraine so fast, they weren't able to take much with them. Daniel's been missing his bedroom back in Kharkiv. "There were so many books," he remembers. "There were so many stories."♨

☀Merchan was previously a family court judge, a New York assistant attorney general and an assistant district attorney for New York County.ⓔ

♖"If you didn't get your first dose, get it. And if you didn't get your second dose, get that. Seek healthcare and get tested if you have a rash, even if you've been previously vaccinated or had mpox in the past," Daskalakis says. "We need to be ready to use all the tools in the prevention toolkit – that includes vaccines, testing and importantly, education – so that people can make informed decisions about their sex lives to halt the spread."▣


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