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★Garcia and an insurance broker tried a dozen more companies, but they all refused coverage. She said she explained her situation to the dealership and tried to sell the Forte back to them, but their offer would have left her with a $7,000 loss.➯

➘But opponents say such care is vital and often life-saving for trans kids, and medical providers say most of the procedures are reversible and safe. Transgender medical treatments for children and teens have also been available in the U.S. for more than a decade and are endorsed by major medical associations.♨


◘When the characters do finally come together and act upon their romantic feelings, it feels earned and cathartic. A woman who can't speak helps a language teacher who can't see. If this was the film Jerry Maguire, they'd say they complete each other. But Kang, of course, wouldn't stoop to such a cringeworthy, middlebrow notion. At one point, the man narrates that Plato himself knew "that there is no complete thing, ever. At least in this world." Plato might agree, however, that two damaged people finding solace in companionship qualifies as wondrous.✪SZBZX84C33LT3▰""I know that if I crash [the car], you'll keep it in the f-----g edit,"" Adele cracked, steering through Los Angeles traffic while they sang her hit Rolling in the Deep."⇨GRM0335C1H7R7BD01D▬The independent autopsy was paid for by the Autopsy Initiative of the Know Your Rights Camp, an initiative started by former NFL star and activist Colin Kaepernick.▬VLF5014AT-101MR26➫Italy's Industry Minister Adolfo Urso chaired a meeting with lawmakers, pasta producers and consumer rights groups in Rome on Thursday.↜

✲I find optimism in rural communities, in villages and slums. That's because despite the difficult environment around them, they're able to dance. At different times of year, they come together and celebrate. They bring so many smiles, so much joy. When I see that, I say, "I have more money than them, more education, more access, but they're way happier than me." So I find optimism in those ways of celebrating life and building community.❈C1206J473K5RAC7800♪"But they won't do that. They won't get into any discussion with me because they don't want to answer a single question," Kirsch said.♣


▁Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin has been cleared to resume full football activities, just a little more than four months after he collapsed on the field after suffering a cardiac arrest.☼SR135C104KARTR1☂Across the city, people have been grief-stricken by the attack. Candlelight vigils and tearful gatherings continue as funerals for the victims are underway. At Woodmont Baptist, Parker said some church staff and members had difficulty getting out of bed over the past few days.▌F931C686MCC☾Perry was convicted Friday by a Travis County jury of fatally shooting 28-year-old Garrett Foster during a protest in Austin. He faces up to life in prison when sentenced.ˍ1206J1000390GAT▨Employers added 236,000 jobs in March, according to a report from the Labor Department Friday. That's down from 326,000 jobs that were added the month before.➡

유"That obviously was not the optimum," he said. "But I always felt that the Army would be integrated. And when it did occur, it was more smooth than we imagined it could."☆PM1210-R27J❁The Lions immediately released Cephus, who caught 37 passes in three seasons, and Moore, who started one game in four years.〓

유Davis further stated Dominion would have an opportunity to effectively pick apart a Fox host's statements if they asserted under oath that election lies were newsworthy. In a response that neared a roleplay, Davis suggested various questions that Dominion attorneys could ask during a cross-examination, including why Fox hosts who believed election lies to be newsworthy didn't also air interviews with then-President elect Joe Biden.➮

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