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◆There were no reports of injuries. But hundreds of people living within a half-mile (0.80 kilometer) of the fire were told to leave. People outside that radius who live downwind of the fire were advised to keep windows closed and pets inside.↞0805J1K00560GCT↩Thanks for listening.  I'm Michael Morell.  Please join us again next week for another epidosde of Intelligence Matters.➣2225J0250104JDR▩Despite the judge's request at the hearing that Trump show restraint when discussing the case, hours later the former president delivered an address where he disparaged the case as "fake" and labeled the charges against him as election interference.◦CDR32BP271BJYPAJ◁"We like the assets of UFC and also WWE in a world where linear TV is losing market share to streaming, thus live sport content is in high demand," wrote Jeffries analyst Randal Konik said in a note to clients.♤

▮China has considered Taiwan a breakaway province since 1949, when communists took over the Chinese mainland and their opponents fled to Taiwan, establishing a democratic government in exile. The U.S. recognized the government in Taipei as the legitimate rulers of China until 1978, when Washington formally shifted recognition to Beijing and cut formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan.☭C0603C682K4REC7411◇Nichola Clark, an oceans expert at the Pew Charitable Trusts who observed the talks in New York, called the long-awaited treaty text "a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect the oceans — a major win for biodiversity."▏


↘The official said intelligence had shown "confusion" about the theory among key U.S. adversaries who were more inclined, he said, to "think this is a U.S. plot."♧C901U360JYSDAAWL20▶Agwenyi is not well-off but like some Kibera residents, he has a small home in the country, side where he grows sugarcane as well as bananas and green vegetables. That's where he headed during the pandemic.▨C0805C180F3HAC7800✎It's little things that cause that inward smile, like the cloud that swirls up from cream being poured into a hot cup of coffee. It's nice to have simple pleasures. I am thankful. I try to be observant of God's workings in my life and to be aware of His many blessing. Oh, I can get as negative and as angry as the next person, but I try not to stay there long. -Kathy Swanson, Clifton, Texas↕1N6323♔The annular eclipse will be visible in parts of the U.S., Mexico and other countries in Central and South America. Viewers in parts of all 50 U.S. states will be able to catch a partial solar eclipse.▄

♧"For us to say we're OK, not only is that not true because of the trauma, but it's also not true theologically," he told NPR. "We come broken and with nothing to offer of our own righteousness but fully dependent on God's good grace."▲BZT52C24-G RHG➥The 2018 midterms — the first major national contests after former President Donald Trump's election — saw slightly higher turnout than last year's races.☈


▶"I have been harassed and targeted and railroaded by the Antioch police department for the last 10 years," Carpenter told a gathered scrum of reporters.↥VJ0805D2R2BLPAP♨Instead of asking, is it possible that we're not seeing more because we are wrong, the analysts explained the lack of information by saying Saddam was practicing, quote "vigorous denial and deception efforts" Unquote.  In making this point, the analysts pointed to something they knew – that Saddam had practiced extensive denial and deception of his WMD programs before the first Gulf War.↹CDR33BP222BFUSAT☂Prosecutors say Vallow Daybell and Daybell benefited from the three deaths by funneling money toward themselves in the form of federal benefits and an insurance payout. Their goal, Blake said, was to create a new life, free from their relatives.☀1330R-60H♤"To be honest with you, we barely had to adjust our operating room schedule to be able to do this," he said. "That's how frequent we are having to deal with gun violence in our community."☪

ⓛThe reporter then asked if he agreed with that assumption. "I agree that we should not be characterizing Trump supporters as white nationalists," he said.◦S0603-271NF1C◄The Ugandan agency overseeing the work of nongovernmental organizations last year stopped the operations of Sexual Minorities Uganda, the most prominent LGBTQ organization in the country, accusing it of failing to register legally. But the group's leader said his organization had been rejected by the registrar as undesirable.♚


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1206J5000150KCT▶Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent top leaders a letter late Monday reiterating the U.S. could hit the debt ceiling as early as June 1.✄CKR06BX104KPV7301↖An Omani delegation, which arrived in Sanaa on Saturday, joined the talks, the agency reported. It said al-Mashat hailed Oman's efforts to bridge the gap between different sides in the war to achieve peace in Yemen. SABA did not give further details.㊣


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2225J0160393FFR➮There are actually several different types of queens in U.K. history, depending on their ancestry and marital status (for example, queen dowager and queen mother).▶ZMY18-GS08☼The suspect was identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Garcia was killed by police.✍


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