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C0603C229C1HACAUTO◊Take, for example, her two-page vignette called "I Like to Get High at Night and Think About Whales." The title is practically as long as the essay itself. There's a meta-observation about relative size somewhere in that fact but, mostly, the piece is about exactly what it claims to be: Irby sucking down pot gummies and watching whale videos, or as she puts it, "whales doing whale shit." What starts as a standard stoner musing soon morphs into a pensive trip in which Irby yearns for peace and calm — and it somehow blindsides you with its abrupt shift from silly to profound. Elsewhere, the essays titled "Chub Street Diet" and "David [sic] Matthews's Greatest Romantic Hits" draw on her fixation with ostensibly uncool music — corny 1970s yacht rock and corny 1990s singer-songwriters — by structuring narratives around Spotify playlists. Naturally, her running musical commentary says more about her.☊1825J0250273JCT↙This weeks' sentencing hearings came with several days of emotional testimony from victims and eyewitnesses.ⓔ


♠Some Sudanese civilians still in the country have taken it upon themselves to try to help those stuck at the crossings.§VJ1210Y102KBGAT4X☺According to the complaint, Pope's mother did not have any visible injuries and was speaking calmly. She filled out a police report and the officers followed her to a bedroom where Pope was using his cellphone on the floor.♢GRM1557U1H161JZ01D○Unlike the last two years, when DeSantis held media events to herald his signature on the new laws, the latest action was not done in public. His office sent an email late Wednesday afternoon, two hours after he officially filed to run for president, saying DeSantis had approved the law.◦105-562H☋"This is a very sad day for a lot of friends and colleagues," wrote MTV News' Josh Horowitz on Instagram, "Many great people lost their jobs. I was hired by MTV News 17 years ago. I'm so honored to have been a small part of its history. Wishing the best for the best in the business."↠

Which leaves vets like Jesse Reynolds still worried as he drives his truck to his next camping spot for the night.→FK28C0G1H120J☢Last month, Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed SB255, which further amends that state's outside funding restriction to more explicitly prevent local governments from using such funding.↽

▬The U.S. spoke out Tuesday against "any unilateral actions that undercut the historic status quo" in the heart of the Middle East after a member of Israel's new ultranationalist cabinet visited a sensitive Jerusalem holy site sacred to both Muslims and Jews.۰


▩McCraw said the school police chief had incorrectly determined that the gunman was no longer an active shooter and that no more children were at risk. Arredondo oversaw the Uvalde district’s six-person police department. He has declined multiple interview requests but told the Texas Tribune he did not consider himself in charge of the scene.✿0925R-122K☢Mage paid $32.42, $14.58 and $9.08. The colt earned $1,860,000 for the biggest win of his brief career.↗GA1206Y823JXCBR31G⇈In a press release, MNPD said the investigation so far suggests that Hale had planned the shooting for months.Θ1808Y5000181MXT➫Democrats have said they are not willing to pass any bill that links the debt limit to spending cuts. And they are particularly critical of efforts to require work requirements for those on assistance programs.☠

웃"This show of support by a group of large banks is most welcome, and demonstrates the resilience of the banking system," they said, in a short statement.⇞MA0201XR391M160▧Solaiman focuses on making AI work better for everyone. That includes thinking a lot about how these technologies can be misused to generate political propaganda, manipulate elections, and create fake histories or videos of things that never happened.▫


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VJ0805D1R7CLXAJ☄The mother's lawyers have said there is no evidence linking Stephen Smith's death to the Murdaugh family, and state investigators have remained tight-lipped since taking the case around the same time police said Murdaugh killed his wife and son.↱1825Y6300561KXT♪"So I did that and it took me deeper into Boston," she said. "'No problem,' I thought, 'I'll stop and ask directions.' I did. I followed those directions. I became seriously lost. I had absolutely no idea where I was."✉


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