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C1825C684K1RACTU▐At least a dozen automakers have the allegedly faulty inflators in use, including Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and GM, NHTSA said.♨T491D155K050ATAUTO↗Voter turnout in Turkey is traditionally strong, despite the government suppressing freedom of expression and assembly over the years and especially since a 2016 coup attempt. Erdogan blamed the failed coup on followers of a former ally, cleric Fethullah Gulen, and initiated a large-scale crackdown on civil servants with alleged links to Gulen and on pro-Kurdish politicians.◊

☂The new version of the 2016 movie is under development, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who played the character Maui, said in a video.➟


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36401E1N5ATDF◀Ahranjani urged better training on dealing with citizens struggling with mental health crises, especially.▧1812J1000680JFR▭"I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures," said Lampariello, a local television reporter who was a journalism student at Suffolk University at the time.♪


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LD025C332JAB2A◄In their eyes, zombies are controlled by dark spirits — and the host body can only be released through physical death, Ball added.◐GMC04X5R224K10NT▣Soldin, who was working as the Ukraine video coordinator, was killed in a Grad rocket attack near the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. He was with a team of AFP journalists traveling with Ukrainian soldiers when the group came under fire. The rest of the team escaped uninjured.⊞


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CWR09DK476MC◩The war in Ukraine is on top of the agenda in Hiroshima this week. On Friday, leaders agreed on more sanctions on Russia and urged Moscow to stop its ongoing aggression and "immediately, completely and unconditionally" withdraw its troops and military equipment from Ukraine.❈0603N620J500CT❂To resolve the issues, Forsyth County Schools reached a resolution agreement with the Department of Education that lays out a series of actions for the district, such as providing resources to those impacted by certain books' removal, posting the book screening process in "locations readily available" at middle and high schools and conducting a climate survey for middle and high school students.☭


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