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☻Kushner's funeral will be held Monday at Temple Israel of Natick in Natick, Mass., where he served as a congregational rabbi for 24 years.£ISL9V5036S3ST_SB82170↶"The brain is really a network, and there are certain parts of the brain that are more involved with certain functions," said Hilsabeck. "You can have a failure in something like financial abilities for lots of reasons caused by different parts of the brain."▆PHPT61003NYX➹No visitors will be allowed east of that road.☂0805J0630332KXR□Though Greek Lessons might be different from Kang's bolder and horror-tinged works, the novel's hopeful and humane belief in the redemptive power of love might just be what our society needs.◢

✪Responding to a reporter's question about the status of the city at the Group of Seven summit in Japan, Zelenskyy said: "Bakhmut is not occupied by the Russian Federation as of today."⇤C2012X6S1H684K125AB⇘Over the years, magical circus books have become a staple of the fantasy genre, and it can be difficult for a new example to really distinguish itself. The First Bright Thing's use of time travel and its characters' dedication to shaping the future they hope for is where it shines. Themes of found family, faith, queerness, and free will weave in and out of the timelines along with the Ringmaster and her crew. The circus itself serves, as it often does, as a symbol of a place where the impossible becomes reality — and the power of that is the reason why circus stories will continue to enchant readers for years to come.♪


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CDR31BX472BKSS\M500♪Composer Koji Kondo got the job as a college senior in Osaka, Japan. He responded to an ad on a university bulletin board. Now 61, Kondo said there wasn't much usable data for making music and sound effects at the time.▨GCM188R72A392MA37D☊Aside from a flood pond, there are no existing sources of water on the island, and there are currently no existing structures either — but the flood pond is advertised as "providing water for livestock and wildlife." So while you might not have to worry about nosey neighbors, you may have some other residents to contend with.☠

♧Shareholders did not get to vote on the deal after the government passed an emergency ordinance to bypass the step. Some came to the annual meeting hear managers explain what went wrong.▣


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RGL41BHE3/97▒The Jeep was far from shore, about 40 feet out in the water from Woody's Camp Boat Ramp. The fisherman who called the authorities stuck around, using his boat to help a tow-truck worker get out to the Jeep and hook up a tow cable, Rogers said.▍MA0201XR821K160☀Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts should swap out dark pants or leggings for light-colored clothing to make it easier to see even the tiniest creatures. People heading outside can also use permethrin tick repellent on bags, shoes and socks, which should always be pulled over pants cuffs to prevent direct access to one's legs.♦


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C333C104K2G5TA7301♀According to the university, the deal includes substantial increases to the salaries of graduate workers and part-time lecturers, and significantly strengthens job security for part-time faculty, Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway said in a school news release.↑VJ1206A561JLEAJ32⇒BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. — Police have charged a 19-year-old man with killing two teens and wounding four others in an early Sunday shooting at a house party on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.♣

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