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♘Fredericks, who is also a board-certified entomologist, said it's possible to get bedbugs out of a piece of second-hand furniture with vacuuming, steaming and thorough cleaning. But miss just a few, and you could be in trouble.☪IXFR24N90P⇓After that first performance, the choir played many other concerts — in music halls, private homes and at weddings. At public concerts, half of their repertoire consisted of Christian hymns, arias and choruses popular at the time, sung in English. The rest were religious songs written by Black South African composers.↑CDR34BX473BKSR✈In January, Santos voluntarily stepped down from his committee amidst outcry over his fabricated biography and ongoing questions surrounding his personal and campaign finances.▶GJM1555C1HR60BB01D☣"If the debt ceiling isn't raised, there will be hard choices to make about what bills go unpaid," she told NBC's Meet the Press.△

】"Social media is a thriving marketplace for scams and spam and potential threat actors," said Larson. "We were not able to identify or correlate any of the actual calls to the websites," she concluded.▒592D335X9035C2T15H←"We will allow the freedom of worship and we will allow the arrival of Muslims to pray," he said, adding that police "will act with determination and sensitivity" to ensure that all faiths can celebrate safely.☝

☼For those who have covered Trump rallies, these are not uncommon sentiments. But they are out of step with where most Americans are.❒


⊙For now, it's far from clear how much appetite there will be for change. Gaines calls the split-jury system "mired in racism," and he has reintroduced legislation to fix a process he sees as unsustainable. Decisions about individual cases are being left to the discretion of individual prosecutors, he says, "and discretionary justice is not always justice."♠C0603X390G5HAC7867┲The string of horse deaths was on the mind of some Derby-goers.▫C0402C180J4GAC7867★"They rejected her rape claim, and she'd always claimed this was a rape case," he said, speaking to reporters outside the courthouse. "Part of me was obviously very happy that Donald Trump was not branded a rapist."♭1812J0500273JFT∴"We are horrified by the senseless tragedy at Allen Premium Outlets and are outraged by the violence that continues to plague our country," the company said in a statement posted to its website.☋

⇙That's what Byron Vaughns experienced recently.◘1206Y0250471KFT⊟This all comes after public outrage over officials' perceived delay in identifying and pressing charges against the person responsible for the teen's shooting. Though Lester was taken into custody shortly after the shooting, he was released the next day. In the aftermath, officials remained largely tight-lipped on the case.❈

→Although Sens. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) have criticized the debt relief plan, it’s unclear whether they will join the Republican effort to dismantle the program. Tester’s office said he is taking a look at the resolution, while Manchin’s office declined to comment.▽

⇤Later in the day, officials at the Matamoros-Brownsville crossing began allowing 50 people per day to cross legally and seek asylum.☻


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