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◙The NFL said that a "league review uncovered no evidence indicating any inside information was used or that any game was compromised in any way."♙

▲"Over these last few days and weeks, there's a lot of politics, posturing and gamesmanship and it's going to continue for a while, but I am squarely focused on what matters and we're getting to work," Biden told reporters, saying he was willing to postpone a planned trip this month to Japan and Australia to meet world leaders if it was needed to avert default.♂


➳The grocery store "is literally right in the center of the community, it's right in the center of the East side of Buffalo," McCann said.↽1812J5000152KXT⇢In the YouTube video, the 43-year-old told the story of his diagnosis. "When you're in the American health care system, you don't expect things to move quick," he said, recounting getting tested. "When it starts to get a little efficient, it's actually quite disconcerting."☭1812Y0250271KCR⇎She says information about this type of shooting comes from media reports, survey data and law enforcement statements since there is no national repository. Data is captured at the local level and there's no uniform system for sharing it, she tells Morning Edition.↱0603J050P680DFT▔"God does not divide humanity based on their skin color, or nationality, or even faith, so, too, do we honor the heroism of those who defend life, defend liberty and defend love," said Father George Kovalenko, one of Ukraine's leading public intellectuals and a rector of the Open Orthodox University of Saint Sophia, during Campbell's eulogy.☼

☈ROME — At least two migrants have died and about 20 others are missing after their boat sank over the weekend in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Italy, German aid group ResQship said on Monday. Meanwhile, Italian authorities said operations were under way to rescue about 1,200 people on two migrant ships intercepted off the country's shores.➹MPLC0730LR75◇A drug that once helped her, Ozempic, is now too costly for her.↢


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CWR09FC225KDA\TRⓥIn his plea, Stetson acknowledged participating in "a harmful institutional culture of policing in the Minneapolis Police Department," the attorney general's office said.◈1808J0100152MXR↺"Even though he is doing well physically, he has a long road ahead mentally and emotionally," she wrote. "The trauma that he has to endure and survive is unimaginable."◆

↞In one exchange, a sexual assault survivor spoke about the 11-1 verdict that sent the man who attacked her and her sisters to prison for 18 years.♧

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