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◙"When people fight to raise their standards in the workplace, it helps set the bar higher for everyone else as well," she said. "So a win for the writers here is a win for the rest of the industry and more broadly, the working class in general."➝


▣But more than 100,000 shoes of victims remain, some 80,000 of them in huge heaps on display in a room where visitors file by daily. Many are warped, their original colors fading, shoe laces disintegrated, yet they endure as testaments of lives brutally cut short.➪T491D477K004ZT7280⇥Punjab suffered a bloody insurgency in the 1980s that led to the killing of India's then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards at her official residence in New Delhi. Her killing triggered bloody rioting by her Hindu supporters against Sikhs in northern India.←VJ1808A220JCFAJ▭When reporters reach out for official comment from the company on news stories, Twitter's communications department replies with a poop emoji.♦VJ0603D1R0BEBAI➶Ventorina Aculu harkens back to this era, referring to the "dark, demonic power" in her community as thousands of people were killed. But she also mentions the food her young boys ate in the camps at the height of the hostilities.☺

▷"They are shooting against each other in the streets," said prominent rights advocate Tahani Abass who lives near the military headquarters. "It's an all-out war in residential areas."⇆ETQ-P4M470KVC➲"Bennettsville used to be a more thriving community years ago," says Lowery's health care provider, nurse practitioner Pat Weaver. "With a lot of our plants leaving for, you know, overseas in the last 15-20 years really made a devastating impact. We used to have a hospital here and now we no longer have that. It is very poor."✿


⇉And what we want is for those barriers to be removed so that a person with any kind of impairment can perform at the same level as anybody else.◇2220J2K50180KCR■Rodríguez attributed them to a group of migrants and said some 10 tents that had already been abandoned were burned. He added that they apparently set the fires to express frustration with a U.S. government mobile app that assigns turns for people to show up at the border and claim asylum.←C430C104F3G5TA7200☠"The Taliban is placing medieval misogyny above humanitarian need," the U.K.'s U.N. Ambassador Barbara Woodward told diplomats last week after a closed Security Council meeting.■PSMN1R7-25YLDX▫Earlier this month, Target CEO Brian Cornell said in an interview with Fortune's Leadership Next podcast that the company wants to support "all families" and that its "focus on diversity and inclusion and equity has fueled much of our growth over the last nine years."↴

▶Still, this fusion of hip-hop and public health wasn't always easy for Williams to sell, especially at the outset. When he was starting Hip Hop Public Health, he says, he heard concerns about the "negative force" expressed in some hip hop — "misogyny and homophobia and materialism and toxic masculinity."▎AOTF11N70▩Then, she alleges, Trump slammed her against a wall, yanked down her tights and raped her while she struggled against him. She has said she finally kneed him off her and fled.♣


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JANTX1N4121C-1↛Protests in Kansas City — and outrage nationwide — mounted this weekend over the shooting of a Black teenager whose family says he accidentally came to the wrong address to pick up his younger siblings.☣A821M15X7RF5TAA↾Many of Germany's nuclear power plants will still be undergoing costly dismantling by then. The question of what to do with highly radioactive material accumulated in the 62 years since the country's first reactor started operating remains unsolved. Efforts to find a final home for hundreds of containers of toxic waste have faced fierce resistance from local groups and officials, including Soeder, the Bavarian governor.↚

➹The recordings ultimately led to Nixon's resignation — making him the only president in U.S. history to leave the office in such disgrace.↞

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