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⇈The U.S. Treasury is running out of cash to pay creditors whose bonds are coming due at the same time Treasury must meet the federal payroll and pay bills for all the government buys. And all this while Treasury also sends checks to tens of millions of beneficiaries under Social Security, Medicare and other programs.⊙LQW31HN84NJ03L↳"The NFL is committed to ensuring all employees of the league are respected, treated fairly, and have equitable pay and access to developmental opportunities," the league said.☆GA1812Y684JXBAR31G►More details are coming to light about the mass shooting at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, on Saturday, when a gunman opened fire, killing eight people and wounding seven others.➘1808J1K20561KXRCharges against Vallow Daybell include grand theft, with the U.S. government as the victim, after she received Social Security funds intended for the care of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow and did not report Tylee's death.⇎

➷In 2021, Medina Spirit, a horse entered by Hall of Fame horse trainer Bob Baffert, won the Kentucky Derby. But the title was stripped days later, after Medina Spirit failed a drug test. Baffert was suspended for two years from Churchill Downs races.➧1808J5000222JXR⋄The United States has no official relations with Taiwan, a center for high-tech industry and one of the biggest global traders, but maintains extensive informal and commercial ties. Washington is required by federal law to ensure the island of 22 million people has the means to defend itself if China attacks.▣


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HZU9.1B2TRF-E☋Tokyo and Seoul have been working to repair relations that were strained over wartime history disputes as they deepen three-way security cooperation with Washington in response to growing regional threats from North Korea and China.☚T95R226K050CZSS➘While the number of people eligible to donate blood has expanded, the agency said it will continue to monitor the safety of the blood supply.▤

▊How do you define disability?➻


ºShe was right. Soon, the story was picked up by local TV stations. Then, outlets across the country covered it.卍M39003/01-7217/HSD♗The administration also announced on Wednesday a new program called Family Expedited Removal Management that will help track migrant families who are seeking asylum and are released in the United States. The measure would allow immigration officials to track the head of the household via a monitoring device and require a curfew.↣CWR11FK475JBC➳The helicopters were headed to Fort Wainwright from a mission in the Donnelly Training Area when they crashed at 1:39 p.m. Thursday, about 50 miles east of Healy.★1825Y1K20152MXT☞"Israel's enemies in Gaza and much farther than Gaza know that even if they try to hide, we are able and prepared to reach them at any time," he told a meeting of his Cabinet.☆

∴Before heading to London, the South African choir toured around the Cape under the name the African Jubilee Chorus or Singers. One day, Mr. Howells announced something shocking, said Katie. He changed the choir's name to the African Native Choir, despite the choir's objections. He also added an offensive term to describe the choir (which NPR is not using). The entire name was subsequently used in ads and printed on concert programs. Katie said that Howells explained to them: "That's what you are, and the English ... will be curious to hear you sing."↾2225Y2K00153MXR▒But this Sunday, the restaurant had told patrons that children could no longer attend the long-standing show because it included drag performers.◙


☜All are members of the so-called OPEC+ group of oil exporting countries, which includes the original Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as well as Russia and other major producers. There was no immediate statement from OPEC itself.▱1825J1K00561KCR✚"I've announced a $50K reward for info on the criminal who killed 5 illegal immigrants Friday," Abbott said.⇂M39003/01-2878/HSD▒It has been trying times for digital media. And there are no signs of when the punishing developments will let up.◎HC1812YV473M251¤Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed legislation Wednesday that will prohibit transgender youth from accessing medication or surgeries that aid in transition and mandate those currently taking medication to stop by the end of the year.⇃

➶Currently, only the biggest banks — with at least $250 billion in assets — have to undergo a stress test every year. That threshold was raised in 2019, sparing institutions the size of Silicon Valley Bank from the additional scrutiny.⇋PM7032S-470M-RC◇"In the long run, we hope that by creating positive relationships with the city and with our neighbors there, that maybe at some point we can start another Nazarene congregation," he says.Ю


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