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1808J5000181JCT⇋"We're asking everyone for your help so we can bring this suspect — or this monster, I will call him — to justice," said FBI Houston special agent in charge James Smith.✑GRM1885C2A8R9DZ01D▆But you don't need to wait until next year to see an eclipse.◊


↔Mercenaries from Wagner spearheaded the Russian offensive. Prigozhin tried to use the battle for the city to expand his clout amid the tensions with the top Russian military leaders whom he harshly criticized.↘DB3S308F0L➵In the original transcript, King's line about "fiery" oratory wasn't directed specifically at Malcolm X. It came slightly earlier in the interview, in reply to a broader question from Haley asking King to give his "opinion of Negro extremists who advocate armed violence and sabotage."▒C1206C333K3RECⓞAccording to Palmer and Lt. Stotts, the Twin Falls Police Department has rehearsed its emergency plan were there to be a school shooting or similar emergency multiple times over, a plan that first responders and law enforcement carried out nearly perfectly in late February.✲TAP476K016CCS→So while the jury is out on seaweed cultivation, the army of seaweed collectors have seen changes for the better. India's Recognition of Forest Rights Act of 2006, recognizes the rights of indigenous communities to make use of natural resources, and seaweed divers are now being issued ID cards by the state's Fisheries Department. One of the objectives of this act is to "undo the historical injustice that occurred" to indigenous communities and to "empower them to use resources in the manner that they were traditionally accustomed."♥

◦The IRS won't threaten to have the police arrest you or demand that you make an immediate payment with a specific payment type, like a prepaid debit card. "That's a sure sign that it's a scam," Brown says.☃293D685X9025C2TE3►The odd coalition has prompted charges from Erdogan that it wouldn't be able to govern if it won.▩

»Wade's son, Malad Baldwin, was 22-years-old when he was a victim of police violence, she claims. In 2014, he was asleep in Wade's car parked outside their house, when police dragged him from the vehicle and beat him, according to a lawsuit filed against the city and the officers. In the complaint, Wade said she came out of the house to see them striking her son, and that they beat him until he lost consciousness. The suit claims that police slammed Baldwin into the sidewalk, spread his legs and repeatedly struck him there. "They hit him right in between his butt cheeks," Wade said.◎

↕Israel's foreign minister, Eli Cohen, spoke with the Chief Rabbi of Tunis, Haim Bitan, and "told him that Israel stands alongside the community in this difficult hour." He said he instructed ministry officials to provide all needed aid. Israel and Tunisia do not have formal diplomatic relations.➹

☊Ann Powers, on her first impressions:☽


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