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♡The CBP said its internal affairs unit, the Office of Professional Responsibility, is conducting an investigation of the incident, as is standard protocol after an in-custody death.◩


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HLQ021R5BTTR▧Barbee also posted a video on TikTok explaining her situation, saying investigators have been interviewing students about the matter.▯VS-42CTQ030-1-M3▣In fiery remarks at Howard University — the historically Black college in Washington which is her alma mater — Harris echoed the reason that President Biden gave for running for a second term in office, a race where she will again be his running mate.▧


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C1206C153J5GEC➦Like Berger, Moore accused Cooper of spreading misinformation about the bill "to frighten voters" and predicted a swift override in his chamber.↽SPB80N03S2-03™"I immediately went to the zoo director and I said, 'We have offended a nation. This is something that has to stop immediately,'" Magill said.✪

↨But it's more than a lack of doctors that could complicate pregnancies and births. States with the toughest abortion restrictions are also the least likely to offer support services for low-income mothers and babies. Even before the overturn of Roe, a report from the Commonwealth Fund, a nonpartisan research group, found that maternal death rates in states with abortion restrictions or bans were 62% higher than in states where abortion was more readily available.▤

✡We are likely to see that linkage between Trump and Bryan again in the 2024 election cycle. We can be sure Trump will continue striving to strike the populist chord as a candidate. Beyond that, if a nominated Trump failed to win the popular vote for a third time, he would match the record of Bryan, who lost the popular vote for the White House in 1896, 1900 and 1908.◇

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