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♣Commenting on the Saudi-Houthi talks, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak said there were "positive signals" that a cease-fire deal would be announced, along with addressing other humanitarian and economic issues.➙1210J2500122JXR☠Transgender activists in Pakistan said they plan to appeal to the highest court in the land an Islamic court's ruling that guts a law aimed at protecting their rights.▂1111Y2000200GQT⇂Mitsotakis had long suggested he would not seek a coalition partner whatever the election outcome, advocating instead the stabilizing effect of strong, undivided governance.☪B82432A1154K000♨"The walls that she had erected in her mind — the fear that Trump would emerge unscathed, the wariness of allowing him and his allies to come after her, the doubt that speaking up would actually matter, and the nagging anxiety that she was somehow to blame for being raped — began to crumble," her lawsuit says.↲

↞Not only that, they have refused to stay silent – documenting the number of deaths and injuries, speaking out against human rights abuses and appealing for support from the international community. A joint statement with partner organizations abroad – including the Sudan Doctors Union-Canada, Sudanese American Physicians Association, Physicians for Human Rights and others – implores that the "international community and international organizations must also act swiftly to secure safe passage for civilians fleeing the war and prepare shelter, food, and medical services for internally displaced people and refugees."☽CDR31BX183AKMM-ZANAW◊NASA administrator Bill Nelson said he is already looking forward to seeing what the next launch could bring. "Every great achievement throughout history has demanded some level of calculated risk," he wrote in a Tweet. "Because with great risk comes great reward."↹


♗More than 4,000 of Sittwe's 300,000 residents were evacuated to other cities and more than 20,000 people are sheltering in sturdy buildings such as monasteries, pagodas and schools located on the city's highlands, said Tin Nyein Oo, who is volunteering in shelters in Sittwe.↬RC-4-B⇄It's important to note vaccines will still be free for practically everyone. People who are insured are required to get vaccines with no cost sharing because of the Affordable Care Act. The White House says people without insurance will still be able to get free COVID-19 vaccines — and treatments like Paxlovid — through 2024.☂2220J2500272GCT▃The federal government can require states to pause disenrolling people from Medicaid when there are problems, Alker says, but it remains to be seen if federal health officials will use that enforcement power.⇇IPD25CN10NGATMA1◤Macron's signature and publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic allowed the law to enter into force. The authorized changes will start being implemented in September, French government spokesperson Olivier Veran said.◤

➷His mother, Annette Hutchinson, said in a GoFundMe page set up to raise money to help cover medical and funeral expenses that her son has had one of two reconstruction surgeries, numerous broken bones and a brain injury. She said Aric will have a "long recovery."↔C331C333J1G5TA➜"I don't want to say one thing and then do the other. It's better to hold the options open and see what's the best calendar possible," he said.▩


⇞The summary mentioned the Pentagon's reviews of the explosion at Abbey Gate at the Kabul airport and an errant U.S. airstrike that killed an Afghan civilian and members of his family. It did not say whether the rest of his family has been relocated or if they have received condolence payments yet.➩1812Y2K50471FCRPolice thanked the Pietermaritzburg community for "assisting police in KZN family mass murder breakthrough."✄293D475X9020C2TE3▂Through this project, Galbo said, CPSC team members realized there are gaps in visuals for other hazard areas as well.✄1210Y1K20121KCT▥There has been a very public rift between the couple and the rest of the royal family in recent years. In January, Harry released a memoir called Spare in which he detailed a physical altercation with his brother, Prince William. Last year, the couple also made a Netflix documentary that claims the royal family did not defend them when they were attacked in the press.↢

➵A White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity about these closed-door negotiations, told NPR the negotiators took a pause Friday afternoon and said both sides have to negotiate in good faith and recognize they won't get everything they want.➮M39003/09-2034↦The criminal charges — a historic first against a sitting or former president — are the culmination of an investigation into hush-money payments that Trump paid prior to the 2016 election to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels to cover up an alleged affair.☢


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12065A331GAT2A▼COLUMBIA, S.C. — Abortion bans in deeply conservative Nebraska and South Carolina each fell a single vote short of passing in their legislatures amid heated debates among Republicans, yet another sign that abortion is becoming a difficult issue for the GOP.⇀C318C181KAG5TA7301↺Kristina Rihanoff, a former professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, tweeted that Goodman will always be her favorite judge, calling him an "honest & witty person with integrity & respect for us — fellow dancers."▫


ⓔ"Tucker is a chameleon," Ryan said. "He's very good at reading the room and figuring out where the right-wing base is at and adapting to give them as much red meat as they want."↕JANTXV1N4107DUR-1♕Meanwhile, community leaders in the valley are adapting in impressive and innovative ways, James says.〓VJ0603D101FEAAR✌China is a victim of economic coercion, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Friday.◢LQG15HN9N1J02D↯"Nobody cared if you went on strike in spring of 2020. It just didn't matter, because nobody was working anyway," Kate Fortmueller, an assistant professor of entertainment and media studies at the University of Georgia, told NPR.

⇌If convicted, the 21-year-old could face up to a decade in prison.➱160-153HS◇The safest way to pluck one off your body is with a pair of fine, pointed tweezers.♘


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