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☊The cowboy hat-clad card player was also known for writing Super System, his popular book on the game.☪IMC1812EB471J⊙The respondents were in their 20s to 70s. Among them, 72% of male respondents and 84% of female respondents said they don't think they'd like to live that long.☏C420C103F1G5TAぃ8:45 a.m.☞ELC-10E331L☭"It would be a mistake to look at the takeover of NDTV as a thing in itself. I think it's part of a much larger battering down on basic, fundamental, democratic rights — the right to organize, the right to protest, the right to march, the right to speak and the right to publish," says Kesavan.◦

☠McIlwain is no Pollyanna, though, and Sidle Creek includes stories of community failure and violence a well. In "Where Lottie Lived," the titular Lottie lets her house, the site of horrors from her childhood, crumble around her even as neighbors come sniffing around about buying the property. In "Eminent Domain," a woman recognizes she will have to leave if she wants to "be anything that ain't a few steps away from crazy." In the background of many of the stories are hints of broader issues within the region — mines closing, workplace injuries, a lack of easily accessible medical care — but these realities aren't at the center of characters' lives.↢1206J3000560GQT✄Nelson has outlived nearly every member of that band, which backed him for decades of constant touring and recording. His little sister and piano player, Bobbie Nelson, died last year. She got her own tribute from Norah Jones, who banged the keys through the younger Nelson's saloon-style solo song, "Down Yonder," from Willie Nelson's definitive 1975 album, "Red Headed Stranger."◤


↺Kim says the nascent model of "combining K-pop's producing technology with foreign talents" will eventually move on to the next stage: non-Korean producers developing local artists in the K-pop model.ºVJ0402A1R8BEAAO➟Maggi was drafted in the 15th round of the 2010 MLB Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He spent five seasons in their minor league organization, then moved on to stints with several other organizations, including the Angels and the Dodgers.⇗CBR06C390J5GACThey argue in the lawsuit that the drag performances are appropriate for children and that there is "no lewd activity, sexually explicit shows, disorderly conduct, public exposure, obscene exhibition, or anything inappropriate for a child to see."⇝SF35G B0G◎Since Democrats began formally hosting conventions under the party name in 1832, Chicago has been the site of 12 conventions. The first convention in Chicago dates back to 1864 when George McClellan and George Pendleton were nominated as the presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively, at a time the party was split by the ongoing Civil War, according to the Library of Congress. (President Abraham Lincoln won that election, securing a second term.)Θ

♥"Suicide amongst transgender youth is not imaginary," Wong said. "It is not a game and it is not a political foil. It is real. It is heartbreaking. And it is the responsibility of my representative to speak out against bills promoting it."↼C320C105J1R5TA7301☏MARGARET BRENNAN: The majority of abortions are performed under 13 weeks. Two of your fellow South Carolinians, including one that's going to run for president, Tim Scott, we think, has said that he would sign into law abortion protections up to the 20th week. So he is picking a week. Some of your fellow Republicans are why do you feel like that's misdirection?♈


○GM says it will offer "courtesy transportation" on a case-by-case basis to owners who fear driving vehicles that are part of the recall.✦M39003/01-6282H▂The map of the November 2016 election wound up looking notably similar to the map of Bryan's first presidential bid in 1896. There were just 45 states in 1896, and Bryan won 22 of them. In 2016, Trump won all but four of those 22 states, dominating as Bryan had in the South, the Midwest and the Mountain West. But the payoff was greater for Trump because these states had added votes in the Electoral College as their population growth rate exceeded the national growth rate in the intervening decades.◄C1206C223M2GEC↩NAKHLEH: The whole issue of de-Baathification. They were talking about ultimately de-Baathification after the war. And they I must admit, they had no idea of the role of the Baath Party in Iraqi society that, for example, everybody had to have a party card membership card in order to get a job. You could not get a job in Iraq from a taxi driver to a university professor without getting having a Baath Party card.⇤1808J0160562JCR⊞She took the next plane back to the United States and on the flight, the symptoms became "very strange, through the whole body and with pronounced numbness."¤

☁The wrangling led to the countries downgrading each other's trade status and Seoul's previous liberal government threatening to spike a military intelligence-sharing pact. Their strained ties complicated U.S. efforts to build a stronger alliance to counter challenges posed by North Korea and China.⊙150D104X9050A2T◎FIFA bills the men's Under-20 World Cup as "the tournament of tomorrow's superstars."


㊣"To be honest, I always feel nervous because I could end up dead on the cross," he told The Associated Press before Friday's nailing.♂2220J6300680FCT↫Solicitor General Prelogar conceded that the phrase "de minimis" in the 1977 decision was unfortunate, but she urged the court not to reverse the 46-year-old precedent, which she said has been interpreted for decades by the EEOC and the lower courts in a manner that "generously" accommodates the interests of religious employees.↸RDE5C2A3R0C0M1C03A⇂Biden came into office promising to unravel Trump's immigration policies. But it's proven difficult for him to do that. He quickly stopped construction of Trump's border wall and introduced an immigration bill (but it's gone nowhere in Congress).⇇GJM0335C1H5R9DB01D➡Yoon and Biden also touted progress in the U.S.-South Korea economic alliance. In particular, Biden said that South Korean companies have invested more than $100 billion in new projects during his administration, creating over 40,000 new jobs including in hi-tech industries, such as semiconductors and electric vehicle batteries.◙

♪"We are currently in the process of concluding a randomized controlled trial look at dementia awareness in communities of color, specifically trying to destigmatize dementia," says Williams. "And we've created an acronym that helps recognize those symptoms of dementia."◎HER101S-AP⇊Police initially suspected the woman of murdering a friend in Ratchaburi province, west of Bangkok, in mid-April.▪

◊The GOP-controlled Montana House of Representatives sent the bill on Friday to Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte, who can now sign the measure into law.▥

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