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◄The Florida law “is broad enough to encompass even the most innocent drag performances, to reach into the private homes of Florida citizens, and to determine on behalf of parents what is and is not appropriate entertainment for their children,” the lawsuit says.∎1210Y0250220GFT⊙"Like most nudibranchs it had quite the personality," Barlow said, "rearing up to get a better look at its surroundings, and using its tentacle-like 'cerata' along its back to make itself appear bigger if one of our hands got too close."↝MGV1205R56M-10☜A Defense Department official told NPR that Army staff "quickly identified he was a problem." The official did not go into detail about what the problem was.☍S4924-186K♥The filmmakers paid great attention to detail in their research, says the transgender activist Dr. Awan. "The one message that this movie conveys is how complex loving is for all people in Pakistan regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity."☆

⇂In Emerson, Post 60 Market manager Brian Horak says two things create success for rural grocers.TBME157K016LWSB0H00→Though epidemiologist Rivers points out that the pandemic has thrown off the regular pattern of winter illnesses.▐

♣The Red Bulls echoed that sentiment Saturday night and said the club would cooperate with the league's investigation.☽


◎On Tuesday, a horse named Take Charge Briana was euthanized after getting hurt during a race. Two days later, another horse, Wild on Ice, was also euthanized following an injury during training, Louisville Public Media reported.➵VJ0603Q270GEAAI▐Gallup has consistently found that Republicans are overwhelmingly in favor of the death penalty, while Democrats are increasingly less supportive year after year.◪1N3271☣The cards typically offer a promotional period during which patients pay no interest, but if patients miss a payment or can't pay off the loan during the promotional period, they can face interest rates that reach as high as 27%, according to the CFPB.◘1812Y2500151KCR☈Kobos, who is a senior photo research coordinator, is part of a crucial cadre of staff members on the show who are directly impacted by their colleagues' picket lines.↬

↔"I feel a great deal of misery and sadness, as well as helplessness," she said in a telephone interview from Khartoum. "I have assumed that we lost the birds and mammals."▓RLB0812-393KL➶That fire made me decide to be a member of the U.N.'s CRPD [Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities]. It's a volunteer role, but it's very demanding.▃


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0505J1001P90DQT▌Isaphine Smith, the principal of Severn Elementary School, added that McAdory agreed to stop visiting elementary school bus stops after the school's Communications Office "kindly asked."☁CWR09NC474KBA\TR〓Duaa Tariq, an art curator, tells NPR she is trapped inside a house with her sister, who is five months pregnant, and two-year-old nephew. They are beginning to run out of food.♢

▫Because the suspect is 13, he is too young to be held criminally responsible, the prosecutor's office in Belgrade said, according to public broadcaster RTS.☁

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