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▐Both banks had a large share of deposits that exceeded the usual FDIC insurance limit of $250,000 — putting them at high risk of rapid withdrawals if customers got spooked.⇠


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CS0805KRX7R9BB683⊙Guatemala has two other active volcanoes — Santiaguito in the west of the country and Pacaya in the south.☏CTX50-1-52LP-R◦Communications ceased as the lander descended the final 33 feet (10 meters), traveling around 16 mph (25 kph). Flight controllers peered at their screens in Tokyo, expressionless, as minutes went by with no word from the lander, which is presumed to have crashed.♛


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CC1210KKX7RCBB222↩The Auburn University sophomore thanked the medical staff that was treating and managing her diagnosis.↔C0805C123K1RACTU✒"The single-handed aspect was the one that drew me," she said of her decision to enter the race. "I really like the aspect of sailing by celestial navigation, sailing old school."◥


♠Snow described it as a "serious, large-scale fire" that apparently started in a tractor-trailer parked onsite and spread quickly. He said the fire had been contained on three sides by early evening. The cause was not immediately known.✿IRKD71/06A▨The national emergency allowed the government to take sweeping steps to respond to the virus and support the country's economic, health and welfare systems. Some of the emergency measures have already been successfully wound-down, while others are still being phased out. The public health emergency — it underpins tough immigration restrictions at the U.S.-Mexico border — is set to expire on May 11.↶0805J1504P30CQT☊Now, they're back in Ciudad Juárez — sleeping in a tent on the street and afraid to try crossing again.↕1812J6300392KCR➪"It is important that such close friends can talk about all of these questions together, continually," he said.✐

♦In 2021, Georgia lawmakers passed a sweeping 98-page voting overhaul that banned county elections boards from directly receiving outside funding, instead requiring any grant money to be requested and disbursed by county governments.▌2225JA101JAT1A⇊Dominion attached a gaudy price tag to the damages it sought. But it might not have prevailed in court.↰


▶Sunday's protests – which saw an angry mob, false accusations of a stolen election, and incalculable damage to national institutions – were in support of Bolsonaro, a former right-wing, populist president who lost Brazil's presidential election last year to leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.☭CKC21C123GCGACAUTO↰North Korea has maintained a rigid blockade since the start of the pandemic, but does allow some trade with China.⇂BZM55C51-TRぃThe stamp's release comes 146 years after the U.S. Army forcibly removed Chief Standing Bear and some 700 other members of the tribe from their homeland in northeast Nebraska. Standing Bear's son was among those who died of hunger and disease after the tribe's 600-mile journey on foot to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma.▶2220J1K00124JXT↪Hours before Saturday's main event in Baltimore, Havnameltdown, a horse trained by Bob Baffert, was euthanized after the 3-year-old colt injured its ankle during an earlier race.卍

➨"That's 20 million people who don't have abortion care in the state they live in," Mansanares said, noting that wait times used to be three days. "We're not going to be able to see 20 million people in New Mexico."⊿1206Y0250560JFTSo with the emergency state over, you may have to pay attention to your own vaccine schedule rather than hearing calls from the government to go get your booster.▧


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