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CDBFR70☈Young said on Thursday the group is at its earliest stages of discussing ideas and sharing notes.⇒KSC2785OBU◑"I think it enables addiction," she told WHYY, referring to safe injection sites. "We should be in the business of giving these folks treatment."▣

❧Meantime, the CBP One mobile app, which migrants with limited internet access have widely complained about, transitioned to a new appointment scheduling platform. Officials said they are "significantly increasing" the number of appointments from a low of about 300 per day to 1,000. They are prioritizing people who have been waiting the longest for appointments.⇁


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1812Y0630561JFR◈Saudi Arabia and the Houthis reached a draft deal last month to revive a cease-fire that expired in October. The deal is meant to usher in a return to Yemeni political talks, according to Saudi and Yemeni officials.➽0505J3001P60DQT▽Bland has said Stephen Smith didn't make any calls on his cellphone, and his loosely tied shoes remained on his feet. The force of car wrecks often leaves people found without their shoes. The road also contained no skid marks or nearby debris, according to Ronnie Richter, another lawyer for the Smiths.▨


➽"Moving from state to regional level data and the elimination of county-level risk will lead to even more disengagement from the public and media," he wrote in an email.♥DZ23C22-G3-18□But on Wednesday, Kobos and other staff members received the good news. She shared again on Twitter that Fallon got NBC to cover wages for a bit longer.▧CDR35BP203AFWS\M1K▌The military government's spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Zaw Min Tun, acknowledged in a statement phoned to state television MRTV that the ceremony had been attacked, but accused anti-government forces in the area of carrying out a violent campaign of terror. He said the People's Defense Forces — the armed wing of the National Unity Government — had terrorized residents into supporting them, killing Buddhist monks, teachers and other people, while the military sought peace and stability. He said there was evidence the attack had set off secondary blasts of explosives hidden by the People's Defense Forces around the site.░CK06BX824KTR1◦When I first met Springer as a critic working for the St. Petersburg Times newspaper back in 1997 — at a taping in Florida centered on the case of a white man sentenced to jail for using threats and racial slurs to drive away his African American neighbors – he insisted his show was about sparking dialogue.△

▯NPR's Amy Held contributed reporting.♦2N7335➵Democrats remain critical of any efforts to link debt ceiling negotiations to legislation that would require work requirements for those on assistance programs.↳


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1808Y0100182JXT↝These nights on duty are Towarnicki's second job. She's on call once a week and a weekend a month. A survivor may need protection against sexually transmitted infections, medicine to avoid getting pregnant, or evidence collected to prosecute their attacker. Or all the above.↽1812J5000683MDR✄When police visited the suspect's home, they found a safe that his father said was used to hold the firearms. But his son apparently knew the combination; the pair had also reportedly gone to the shooting range together.✙

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