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▥They quickly realized their mistake and were turning the car around when Monahan stepped onto his porch and fired two shots, one of which struck Gillis.☪MA0805CG1R8D500¤“He’s going to have to own up to it,” he added, “and face these charges.”✿0402YA271JAT2A▪After King Charles is crowned, his Queen Consort, Camilla, will be crowned.⇙CMDZ24V TR PBFREE↢Durbin's request for John Roberts to testify is not the first time the chief justice has had to tackle the question of how ethics standards apply to his court. For years, he has defended the high court's exemption of itself from the ethics rules governing the rest of the federal judiciary (and others in the federal power structure).Θ

ºSouth Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that it detected three short-range ballistic missiles launched from North Korea into the East Sea at about 8 a.m. local time Saturday.のVJ0805D620GLBAC♥"It's very clear these are difficult and uncertain times," she said.✐


⇜"Have we learned nothing?" House Democratic Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell said of recent elections in other states. "Do we not listen to our constituents and to the people of Florida and what they are asking for?"➷RCH108NP-561K♣Marseille mayor Benoit Payan tweeted Monday that "the pain and sorrow are great." He expressed his thoughts for the families of the victims and "those who are suffering."⇛GRM32DR71A106MA01L▋"I want to be able to have a small place and an open door for my grandchildren," she says. "There's so many things that I've never done — and I might be a little too old to do now — but I can see it through my grandchildren."▨P160R-563JS↕The responding trooper didn't think it was a hit-and-run. The medical examiner who did the initial autopsy theorized his head was struck by the side mirror of a passing truck that did not stop.①

【Both players have already commented publicly on Sunday night's controversy.▨CKG57NX7T2J684M500JH❖"It don't make the hurt any easier. But we are relieved that they (the suspects) are not out in the community," Amy Jackson said in a phone interview Wednesday morning. Alexis Dowdell's birthday party was being held at a dance studio just off the town square. Witnesses said multiple people began shooting some time after her mother paused the celebration to ask people with guns to leave.▣

▨"The business model of these apps is simple, the duration of time the user spends on the app and the extent to which they engage with content is directly correlated with ad revenue," Schatz said, arguing that companies want users to spend long amounts of time on their platforms but the results can be "catastrophic."○

✡The high seas have long suffered exploitation due to commercial fishing and mining, as well as pollution from chemicals and plastics. The new agreement is about "acknowledging that the ocean is not a limitless resource, and it requires global cooperation to use the ocean sustainably," Rutgers University biologist Malin Pinsky said.⇆


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MA0805YV335Z100┲Ardern previously received the Kennedy School's Gleitsman International Activist Award in 2020 and delivered Harvard's 2022 commencement speech.£GA1206Y332JBXBT31G❤With The East Indian, Brinda Charry aims to do just that by recovering, reclaiming, and reframing the little-known, barely footnoted history of the earliest Indian immigrant on record to what is now the United States. The first permanent English colony in America was founded in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. And this is where Tony, the eponymous East Indian, finds himself in 1635, working as an indentured servant on tobacco plantations.↽

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