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⚘Owen Burns, a 13-year-old Michigan boy, is being credited with saving his sister's life after he fended off a would-be kidnapper by shooting him with a slingshot.❤


◙Colly drifts through his life; he's somewhat engaged, but troubled. He gets kicked out of school after a fight, but finds some meaning in an internship at an art museum. Through it all, he is visited by his mother's spirit, able to have conversations with her. He finds himself retreating inward after his loss: "These days I keep looking for myself in books. I can't see anything out my window at night and I choose my friends too wisely. It is easier to talk to you in the early hours, when my timeline is asleep. More beautiful, you feel. The books are the only things that prove to me we belong to the treble of the universe."☆1840R-28F✄Targeting the three for an apparently minor, at least by comparison, rules violation "is a way of calling them — and by extension the votes of the people they represent — illegitimate," Anderson says.➴C321C279BAG5TA☛"I want my son to see this," Viktoria says. "To feel this sacrifice."☁SR211A472JAATR1⇝Among the commercial airlines, United is predicting this Memorial Day weekend will be its busiest in more than a decade. Delta expects a whopping 17% increase in passengers from last year.◦

➴In the face of that history, Louisiana voters decided to take action. Five years ago, they amended the state constitution once again to change the laws around split-jury verdicts.◇1808J5000473MDR◑NASA says this was the first radar-observed meteorite fall ever seen in Maine. Shortly before noon on Saturday, eyewitnesses reported seeing a bright fireball over New Brunswick, Canada, followed by "loud sonic booms" near Calais, Maine.◥

☼The federal government can emphasize the more flexible options for spending the settlement money compared with federal funds, Gilbert said.▤


Desai's phone has been ringing since 2007. That was the year when her son, Abhishek, then 17, asked her to come home early from work so he could tell her something important. Through floods of tears, he came out to her as gay.♭FG28X7R1H154KRT00⇚Rebecca Johnson, now chief scientist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., previously led the Koala Genome Consortium in Australia. She said that seeing the effects of the disease up close was heartbreaking.⇈S0603-271NG1C☛"He just got bumped in the backstretch," Lejzerowicz said. "He never took a bad step or bobble. He had a big heart."↚0805J1000152MDR◎In a statement Tuesday, Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. thanked DeSantis for his focus on education.♥

ⓔ"Tucker Carlson talked about it extensively on the air ... and eventually Trump tweets about it and says that the United States is going to do something about it," she said. "It's sort of insane to think about this content from these forums reaching the president of the United States, and him saying, 'Oh, we're going to act,' we're going to do something about what is a debunked, not true conspiracy theory."♣C17CF0R2C-7ZN-X1T∎Police officer Ramit Sharma said the three assailants came on motorcycles posing as journalists.◙


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1808Y0500333JDR➝Travelers who are checking luggage should also be sure to pack an extra change of clothes or two and medications and other necessities in their carry-on bag, in case there's a significant delay or cancellation after you've checked in.۰1206J050P500DQT♡We will be right back with that discussion after a break.◈


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