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☆"My son and I have always been close and I thought, given how difficult he found it to tell me, what must children in homophobic and transphobic families be going through? I wanted to keep the conversation open for them," says Desai. "Since then, I have spoken with thousands and thousands of children and their parents. Some parents, they are so stubborn and it takes many phone calls for them to listen — they would insult me and bang the phone down."▢


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GRM0335C1H5R1CD01D◎Republicans can force a vote on the Senate floor. But the timing is unclear as the chamber is not in session this week and the measure could face an uphill battle in the Democratic-led Senate.⇐C0603C152M5GECAUTO•"It was consistent, and it was powerful," the lawyer said.↭


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1206Y0500102GCT➥"If they want to target a house, let them target it alone. Why destroy the whole neighborhood? Why?" said Mai Sarson, whose house in Deir el-Balah was reduced to ruins in an Israeli strike.⇃HKQ0603U4N1B-T◇Meanwhile, a competing ruling out of Washington state could limit the Texas injunction's reach.◇


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0805Y0504P70CCR♥The contents of the 99-page manuscript, titled "I am More Than A Wolf Whistle," were first reported by the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting. Historian and author Timothy Tyson of Durham, North Carolina, who said he obtained a copy from Donham while interviewing her in 2008, provided a copy to the AP.♠CWR26HC226KBGZ●"We know that the majority of voters, the majority of the American public support abortion rights and access," Hopkins said. "I think now the threat feels real to people. So that's why we're seeing people be outraged and taking action and voting. We can't lose sight, though, that there are people being impacted right now by these restrictions."▓

¤The congregation will also be invited to say the Lord's Prayer' in the language of their choice.♢

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