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⇜A simultaneous airstrike on Bahtini's home in eastern Gaza City killed two teenage sisters living in the apartment next door, the rights group said.⇙1812Y0630563KDR✦But Erdogan also has held up Sweden's quest to join NATO, contending that nation has been too lenient on followers of the U.S.-based cleric and members of pro-Kurdish groups that Turkey considers national security threats.✉2225Y0160180GFR♣Gerrymandering by Republicans in power has significantly watered down the votes of Black people and other people of color, through redrawn maps that help secure a Republican supermajority, even as the state demographics — and politics — shift.ぃ1N4937GPEHE3/91▶A lawsuit filed in August 2022 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois alleges the provider networks for Centene's Ambetter plans "are simply false and are often just copies of physician directories from other sources."✃

♨Saudi Arabia announced the biggest cut among OPEC members at 500,000 barrels per day. The cuts are in addition to a reduction announced last October that infuriated the Biden administration.☣C1206C182J8HAC7800⚘The CEO of an office furniture giant landed at the center of a social media storm this week after she told her staff to focus on being better employees instead of asking whether they'd lose their bonuses.➛


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FK18C0G1H560J▶""There was no delay,"" Piantedosi said. ""Everything possible was done in absolutely prohibitive sea conditions.""☜2225Y2K50152JXR↘Educators also stood on a fault line of the pandemic, as COVID safety protocols interfered with school attendance. Superintendent Alena Zachery-Ross told NPR about how the "test-to-stay" policy was playing out in her Michigan school district in December 2021, after the CDC recommended letting students exposed to the virus stay in school if they tested negative.▀

✯The life-size sculpture by Norwegian artist Astri Tonoian was unveiled Saturday at the Oslo marina not far from the place where the actual 600-kilogram (1,300-pound) mammal was seen resting and relaxing during the summer of 2022.▥

✲He worked alongside other kids with one of North Carolina's most valuable crops. Some of them worked in the summer and went to school the rest of the year, like him. Some didn't go to school at all.▨

╬As NPR's Greg Allen reported, the lawsuit is "the latest action in a feud that began more than a year ago when Disney's former CEO said he'd work to overturn a law banning discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the schools. The law, the 'Parental Rights in Education Act,' is called 'Don't Say Gay' by critics."☛

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