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●In order for Trump's agenda to be implemented nationwide, he would have to convince the majority of lawmakers in Congress as well as those in state legislatures.♕T95R336M035CSAS◇Low, from the Times newspaper, said the royal family, as an institution, would very much like the issues with Harry and Meghan to go away.◦1206Y2503P90DQT✄The U.S. is stepping up joint military drills with South Korea, and the deployment of U.S. aircraft carriers, strategic bombers and submarines. In bilateral talks last November, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin pledged to make such deployments a routine occurrence.▣1812Y6300272KXR♤Nearly 40 states have laws that establish or increase penalties for assaults on health care workers, according to the American Nurses Association. And lawmakers in 29 states have approved or are working on either similar laws or ones that allow for the creation of hospital police forces. Members of those forces can carry firearms and make arrests. In addition, they have higher training requirements than noncertified officers such as security guards, according to the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety.➭

↠The Israeli military said on Friday that Palestinian militants in Gaza had so far fired 44 rockets from Gaza, only 23 of which crossed into Israeli territory. The others either failed to launch, fell into the Mediterranean Sea, or were intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome aerial defense system, the military said. Most missiles that managed to cross the border struck open areas in Israel's south, but one landed in the town of Sderot, sending shrapnel slicing into a house. There were no reports of Israeli casualties.☋M39014/011292✌"It was a significant missed opportunity," Myers says, "because it meant the federal government ended up having no say whatsoever in how the dollars were used."✏


™She is particularly hopeful that this intervention can help prevent adolescent maternal deaths — the leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19 worldwide.⇤1025R-78F➮One proposal by state Rep. Randal Gaines would have created a state board to help adjudicate cases for anyone still in prison due to a split-jury verdict, but the measure died last spring after a breakdown in negotiations.↫CDR32BX562BKWSAT◎The Boy Scouts of America will establish a $2.4 billion fund for those in the organization who were victims of sexual abuse as it emerges out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the organization announced.☣M39003/01-2868/HSD✥Torres said the defendants not only cheated their donors but contributed to a "chilling effect on civic participation" by tarnishing the reputation of political fundraising.✉

▪Over 2,000 years ago, the Babylonians mapped these constellations and later the Greeks built on that work to create the zodiac we have today.♢744045180◣On July 3, 1891, The Standard newspaper described a "unique performance, and the audience followed the various items in the programme, some of which were sung in the native tongue, and others in almost faultless English, with warm tokens of interest and approval."↠


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VJ0805D6R8DLCAC■"Being a Chavez is part of who she is," Munoz said, "but she's there because she is so skilled and has such deep integrity."♜VJ1812Y222KBPAT4X▦In an emailed statement to NPR, Hyundai said it was "committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of our products" and pointed to several measures it had taken in response to the thefts, including making engine immobilizers standard on all vehicles starting in November 2021 and reimbursing customers for the purchase of steering wheel locks. Hyundai also said it had partnered with AAA insurance companies to insure the affected vehicles in most states.▰

▥The treaty also establishes ground rules for conducting environmental impact assessments for commercial activities in the oceans.⇐


◑Over the weekend, both Jeffries and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., didn't rule out a short-term solution to buy lawmakers more time to craft a longer-term deal.▮AO6704▫His Q&A hits a snag when someone asks him to respond to a very tasteless joke that Matsson has made about Living+ and, uh, concentration camps. He plays it off.◊0402YC102M4T2A▪NPR spoke with Fefoame to discuss her life, career and passion for working with women and girls with disabilities. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.▄1812J0500121GFT❣"I got a break and decided to do something else. I started focusing on drawing cartoons," Cooke said.↮

☼Dunkle also worried about possible lawsuits, because the hackers claimed that they stole sensitive patient information they'd release to the "dark web" if Johnson Memorial did not pay up. Other health-data breaches have led to class-action lawsuits from patients.◎M39003/01-5611/HSD£What it will do: Build on DeSantis’s push to eliminate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and critical race theory (CRT) from public education.◥


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