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C328C151K3G5TA▷But TikTok is proposing a third option. CEO Shou Chew mentioned it frequently in his testimony: "Project Texas" is a proposal to move TikTok's entire operation to the U.S., to put all of its data, and even those top-secret algorithms, under the supervision of Oracle, an American company. "The bottom line is this: American data stored on American soil by an American company overseen by American personnel," said Shou. "This eliminates the concern that some of you have shared with me that TikTok user data can be subject to Chinese law."↟TZM5236B-GS08↔He made the announcement, appropriately enough, in a tweet.⇍


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TMK021CG7R8BK-W♟Owner Elon Musk has argued that Twitter Blue endeavors to treat accounts equally and not give some preferential treatment, but experts warn that the relaxed verification standards may make it easier for misinformation to spread.↘CDR32BP471BKZPAJ☃So I can fall asleep in the presence of my family and my church — with these people who I love. I know that I am safe. — Mahali Hlasa﹌

↗Santos, who has previously admitted to "embellishing" his resume, has repeatedly denied any criminal wrongdoing.★


⇧Since the war began, Italy has furnished about 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in military and financial aid, as well as humanitarian assistance.✚TBJD107K016CBLB0024▊"The school received backlash earlier this month when a day after the Writers Guild of America went on strike on May 2 it announced its decision to have Zaslav as the commencement speaker.⊕T491C474K050ZT⇎The Treasury Department has been employing extraordinary measures to essentially act as a Band-Aid for several months. If Congress fails to raise the debt limit by the time those measures are exhausted, which Yellen says could happen as soon as June 1, there would be an unprecedented debt default, whose effects would likely be felt worldwide and lead to a recession in the United States.↖SPM5012T-100M-LR▏Badolato, 58, and Shea also stole hundreds of thousands from fundraisers as well, prosecutors said.あ

▣President Biden said in a statement that the nation was again "in mourning after a senseless act of gun violence," and that he and first lady Jill Biden were praying for the victims and grateful to the responding officers.①1206J1000102FAT⇌Congress isn't sold. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), said to Shou, "I still believe that the Beijing Communist government will still control and have the ability to influence what you do."⇞


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0805J0250561KCT♂Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his run for president on Wednesday during a Twitter Spaces event alongside Twitter's Executive Chairman Elon Musk.❉1210J0500333MXT➹"I am not going to make any excuses. When I saw the video myself, I said, 'We have made a huge mistake here,'" said Ron Magill, the zoo's communications director, in an interview with Radio New Zealand this week.⇁


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