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▥"It's part of a larger agenda," Carlson warned.∷


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BZX585B36 RKG❈"Most seem to be in good physical shape," O'Brien had said, adding: "Consider how senior executives look ... and how they dress. They wear suits."▷06031A270DAT2A☆Stephenson wants to use the model to document the extent of Titanic exploration up to this point, from Ballard to James Cameron and beyond. He says a "massive project" is underway, and will hopefully result in a scientific paper and online archive. Then, he plans to use the tool to answer whatever questions remain.


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1808Y0250561KXT△Meanwhile, the California National Guard will offer support in analyzing drug operations, with a particular focus on fentanyl trafficking rings.☺TCFGA0J685M8R☻Of the $11 billion of advertising revenue that radio pulled in last year, about $2 billion went to AM stations, according to BIA Advisory Services, which conducts research for broadcasters. Some of the country’s most lucrative radio stations still are on AM frequencies, mostly all-news or news and talk stations in big cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.«


∎HALEY:  I think- I think we need to stop the bleeding of the border and completely do immigration reform before we can think of taking anybody else into this country.◑IMC1812EB270K↮Payan told French media that more than 100 firefighters on site were searching for at least six people believed to have been trapped in the five-story residential building. "There is still hope" to find survivors, he said.♖M39003/01-2721/TR⊙"I think that people being given an opportunity to volunteer that information is important," says Rebecca Moon, president of the Shoals Diversity Center, a nonprofit organization based in Florence, Ala., that offers mental health support for the LGBTQ community and supports increasing government data collection. "Not everyone is out, especially in the South. There's a lot of LGBTQ hatred."▂C1206C273J5GACTU✍On the issue of the Iraqi intelligence officer meeting with the group, the analysts noted that they thought that Iraq's interest was in monitoring the group, not collaborating with it. Iraq did not want Zarqawi and his followers to become a threat to Iraq, nor did it want them to commit a terrorist attack against the West and therefore draw American attention to Iraq.▣

☚ ⇖1206Y6301P60CQT▃Over the weekend, critics slammed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for calling the five deceased victims of the shooting "illegal immigrants." He used the phrase while announcing part of the reward for information about the suspect.☌

✲In another message, Gorman said she is "gutted" that elementary schoolers no longer have access to her poem. She wrote it, she added, "so that all young people could see themselves in a historical moment."➙


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