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▽The Kremlin also canceled the "Immortal Regiment," a nationwide march in which Russians honor the more than 20 million Soviets who died in the war by marching with pictures of deceased relatives.▦


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PE0200WF40138BF1↽Restrictions on donating blood date back to the early days of the AIDS epidemic and were designed to protect the blood supply from HIV.⇖1812J5000681JDT▌Hope Carrasquilla, a Florida principal who was asked to resign in March after sixth-grade students were taught about and shown a picture of Michelangelo's David statue, traveled to Florence, Italy to see the sculpture in real life.◦


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C1206C222J2REC▥As part of its decision, the school committee ruled that The ABCs of Black History should also move to the middle school space, despite being intended for readers ages 5 and older.♧TPSE107K020R0200☣"Yes," replied Harry, adding: "The ball is very much in their court... There needs to be a constructive conversation, one that can happen in private that doesn't get leaked."⊟


➧Participants who were optimistic about their sex lives reported having significantly more frequent and more satisfying sex than those who had lower expectations. Also, "sexually optimistic" individuals who acquired physical limitations they didn't have ten years before – such as pain that made it harder to lift groceries or exercise – reported having more frequent sex than people who had lower sexual expectations and no such limitations.♠2220J2500120FCR❦Some Russian officials charged that the U.S. surveillance flights helped gather intelligence that allowed Ukraine to strike Russian targets.♣DEA1X3F270JC3B❃The Special Immigration Appeals Commission, a tribunal which hears challenges to decisions to remove someone's British citizenship on national security grounds, ruled there was a ""credible suspicion"" that Begum was trafficked to Syria for ""sexual exploitation."" It said there also were ""arguable breaches of duty"" by state bodies in allowing her to travel to the country."☣0805Y2500392JDT⇐Though few concrete details are offered up in this subtle, elegant tale of childhood trauma and resilience, what becomes clear is that a young girl, and her somber, disconsolate sibling, grew up with a mother who struggled with a serious and debilitating mental illness. In the few early scenes in which the mother is pictured, she is depicted through a pane of glass or across a threshold. The daughter cannot access a ghostly presence that is nearly always at a distance. Her longing — for connection, for touch — is nonetheless apparent in every plant leaf she strokes, every seedling she concentrates on, waiting, first as a child, later as an adult, to see if she can apprehend its growth.➱

⇤What's he saying? Ash spoke with NPR's Ari Shapiro about what his job entails, and how this 12-week ban will impact his work.♀STP7N52K3☻Over the next decade, most players made the transition to suits, but they were more going to church with your grandma looks than high fashion statement pieces.⇩

┱–Ahmad Mukhtar and Pamela Falk contributed reporting.◀


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