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⇇Noting the millions of listeners who support and rely upon NPR for "independent, fact-based journalism," NPR CEO John Lansing stated, "NPR stands for freedom of speech and holding the powerful accountable. It is unacceptable for Twitter to label us this way. A vigorous, vibrant free press is essential to the health of our democracy."↫2225Y5000332MDR↬Justice Department officials in recent years have prioritized prosecutions of what's known as "transnational repression," in which foreign governments work to identify, intimidate and silence dissidents in the U.S.▐MCNA40P2200TAⓛ"I feel like I have so many children now — at least 25," Gabriella said with a hearty laugh. "You feel like you're a part of their family and they're a part of yours."❉1206CA101JAT1A█Julian Hayda and Hanna Palamarenko contributed reporting from Kyiv, Ukraine. Alex Leff contributed from Washington.↻

♡He added that the account has a lot of support from Paralympic athletes as well as audiences.₪ZY15♦"Items from Kurt Cobain or Nirvana are becoming more difficult to obtain and they are one of the highest in terms of collectability of all rock bands," Darren Julien, the CEO of Julien's Auctions, told NPR.▥


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PD54R-823K☃British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak read a passage from the Bible, and several of his most senior ministers also attended the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, alongside the prime minister of Ukraine and Olena Zelenska, the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Former British leaders including Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair also attended. U.S. first lady Jill Biden also attended.◇SIHP17N60D-GE3✒Last July, Nguyen says, her credit card application was rejected by Bank of America. In September, by PNC Bank.➪


▥The hostel provided a combination of short-term and long-term rentals, MacLean said. He didn't have all the details, he said, but he believed it was used by various government agencies to provide clients with needed accommodation.⇪TAJT476K006RNJ➵The real offense, Pearson said, was not in breaking the rules of decorum. The real offense was that "we asserted our dignity as equal members of this body who you would rather have silenced, who you would rather not hear, who you would rather have back somewhere else, instead of up here as your equal."◎1206J1000822JDR▦An agreement was forged with for-profit companies to cultivate a non-native species called Kappaphycus alvarezii, found in similar water in the Philippines.➜C327C154J5G5TA✍Annette Allen said that it was her granddaughter's 16th birthday party where the attack occurred. Allen's grandson, a high school athlete, was killed by the gunfire, while her daughter was wounded and sent to an area hospital.▅

☭The Dalai Lama pauses, then adds, "and suck my tongue." The boy slowly moves his head closer to the Dalai Lama's but appears only to touch his forehead before withdrawing.↟2220Y1K00470FCR◀On Tuesday morning, McCarthy said the issue of work requirements is a red line for him. He also argued there was bipartisan support for these kinds of rules for all government programs, not just some, and as a senator, Biden voted for similar rules.┲


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VJ0603Y561KLAAJ32↱A sentencing hearing has not been set — it could be several months before one can be held, Judge Steven Boyce said. Vallow Daybell, 49, could face life in prison. She and her husband, Chad Daybell, 54, were indicted on multiple counts two years ago, but they're being tried separately.♥1808Y1K00393MXR☏Environmentalists, meanwhile, lashed out at Credit Suisse's investments in oil and natural gas — a longstanding complaint.➶


▍Perry was convicted Friday by a Travis County jury of fatally shooting 28-year-old Garrett Foster during a protest in Austin. He faces up to life in prison when sentenced.▬C1206C332G2GECAUTO7210↕Tirzepatide is similar to semaglutide, which is marketed as Wegovy (for weight management) and Ozempic (for diabetes). They both contain GLP-1, or glucagon-like peptide-1, which mimics the GLP-1 satiety hormone in our bodies. Tirzepatide also includes another gut hormone, which could amplify the effect.◄CM21X5R106K06AL↤The fighting across a long stretch of the front line in eastern Ukraine, which spans hundreds of miles from the north to the south of the country, has crawled to a bloody grind for months.SQCB7M1R1CAJMEAll of a sudden, a car pulled over, and a man and a woman got out.↕

♀Despite MIT's denial, Turkish media published the recording of a conversation between a man believed to be Guney and two Turkish spies as well as a document resembling a "mission order."۰GQM2195C1H6R6DB01D➞Becirovic also called Arman's death "a painful reminder to dangers posed to journalists and media workers in areas caught up in war."

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